Camms.Risk Incident Management Solution

Report actual incidents and near misses as they happen,
conduct investigations, determine impact and monitor cases until closed.

Camms.Risk Incident Management Solution

About Camms.Risk Incident Management

Reporting, investigating and responding to business disruptions should be a streamlined process. The Camms.Risk Incident Management capability is a cloud-based system that acts as a single source of truth, offering deeper and more accurate insights so you can react faster and minimise impacts.

Course summary

This course will educate you on how the Camms.Risk Incident Management Capability can help you to digitise, streamline and increase your oversight to what is really happening with flexible and intuitive workflows to help drive the incident and event process and dynamically adapt based on conditions and scenarios.

What you will learn

Course duration

20 Minutes

Meet the instructor

Kisholi Mendis

Senior Product Manager

Kisholi has over 20 years of experience in business analysis, knowledge and product management and holds a Masters Degree in Information Management as well as a science degree in Computing and Information Systems. As a Senior Product Manager and Head of Enterprise Business Solutions at Camms, she helps organisations drive a data-centric culture via intuitive and goal-driven reports and dashboards.

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Course curriculum

Get a comprehensive understanding of the Camms.Risk Incident Management solution, as well as key concepts that will help you better understand and utilise Camms.Risk Incident Management.

Discover how Camms.Risk’s Incident Management capability allows you to report actual incidents and near misses as they occur (Ex: losses, damages and injuries), conduct investigations, determine the impact and monitor them until the case is closed

This lesson covers Incident Registers, which are a summary of the incidents that have occurred in an organisation.

This lesson will walk you through the process of recording a new incident.

This lesson will take a look at the Incident Analysis dashboards.

This lesson will take a look at the Incident Analysis dashboards.

In this lesson, explore what incident reporting is all about

This lesson with explore the administrative areas within the Camms.Risk Incident Management capability

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