Camms.Risk Solution
Training Course

Make the right business decisions with an easy to use solution
that provides a comprehensive integrated approach to governance, risk and compliance.

Camms.Risk Solution Training


About Camms.Risk

Our enterprise risk management system has all your needs covered, from governance and compliance to incidents and events. Camms.Risk will help you make operational risk management part of your organisational culture.

Course summary

This course is suitable for any new or existing users of the Camms.Risk solution. If you are looking to get an understanding of the product and some conceptual grounding, this course is ideal for you!

What you will learn

Course duration

2.5 Hours

Meet the instructor

Lachlan Collins

Head of Services

Lachlan is an essential part of the Camms team. His experience in the industry, together with his unique ability to combine technical knowledge and Product Management skills, enable him to provide strategic input into the product road map.

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Course curriculum

Get a comprehensive understanding of the Camms Risk solution, as well as key concepts that will help you better understand and utilise Camms.Risk.

  • How to use this course
  • Before we begin…

Discover how Camms’ GRC (Governance, risk management, and compliance) capabilities integrate into your strategy and organisational culture, ensuring your organisation meets regulations, builds trust with stakeholders and safeguards the future.

  • What is Camms.Risk?
  • Key benefits and functionality

Learn how to access camms.Risk and easily navigate within the solution.

  • Risk Navigation – Side and Top Menu
  • Accessing Camms.Risk

This lesson will demonstrate how to use risk registers within Camms.Risk.

  • Risk Registers

Discover how to create a new Risk and complete the inherent assessment, create controls and risk treatment plans and linking them to individual risks, complete residual, revised, future or target risk assessments, complete risk review processes, attach documents to individual risks as well as how to use the links tab to link an individual risk to other records in the Camms Solutions suite.

  • Creating a new Risk
  • Risk Controls
  • Risk Treatment and Actions
  • Residual/Current Risk Assessment
  • Future/Target Assessment
  • Risk Review
  • Documents
  • Links

Learn how the Quick Update feature can be used to conveniently update records

  • My Quick Update

This lesson will capture how we link an individual risk to key risk indicators.

  • Key Risk Indicators (KRIs)

Learn how the Quick Update feature can be used to conveniently update records.

  • My Quick Update

Learn how to use the Executive Intelligence area, dashboards in the Risk Analysis area, and also how to run an individual report from the reports menu of Camms.Risk.

  • Executive Intelligence System (EIS)
  • Risk Analysis
  • Reporting

This lesson will capture how to use the Quick Risk Action Search feature to search for individual actions and the Risk History feature in Camms.Risk.

  • Quick Risk Action Search
  • Risk History

This lessons demonstrates how to adjust individual settings within Camms.Risk.

  • My Settings

This lesson will cover the key aspects of the administrative function, including creating and manage users / new projects, sending automatic email notifications, and handling the settings and configurations menu’s.

  • Security and User Management
  • Risk Framework Settings
  • Setting and Configuration
  • Email notifications
  • Project/Action Configuration
  • Client Details
  • Organisational Structure

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