Camms.Strategy Solution
Training Course

Develop and execute your strategy, measure ongoing business performance
and ensure your team is working towards a common goal

Camms.Strategy Solution Training

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About Camms.Strategy

Camms.Strategy uniquely enables organisations to align people and processes by empowering anyone to actively partake in enterprise strategy execution – from individual tasks and actions, to departmental or overarching organisational goals.

Course Summary

This course is suitable for any new or existing users of the Camms.Strategy solution. Learn how you can navigate key areas of the Camms.Strategy Solution to keep the executives and boards informed on strategic, corporate and performance progress through insightful dashboards and reporting.

Learning Outcomes

Course Duration

1 Hour

Meet the Instructor

Our team of experts are
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Course Curriculum

  • How to use this course
  • Before we begin…
  • What is Camms.Strategy?
  • Key Benefits and Functionality
  • Hierarchies
  • Strategy Navigation
  • Performance Management with Camms.Strategy
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • My Quick Update
  • My Quick Search
  • My Quick Update
  • My Quick Search
  • Executive Intelligence and Dashboards
  • My Workspace
  • My Settings
  • My Reports