Camms.Talent Administration Solution
Training Course

Effectively assess, analyse and improve staff performance
to achieve organisational objectives that lead to excellence

Camms.Talent Administration Solution Training

About Camms.Talent

Camms.Talent is a powerful talent management tool that enables any organisation to improve workforce processes effectively, monitor and manage staff efficiently, and ensure the the staff performance is aligned with the organizational strategy.

Course summary

This course will assist administrators to focus on the tasks that matter the most, with a simple, user-friendly solution that links individual performance to your strategic objectives.

What you will learn

Course duration

30 Minutes

Meet the instructor

Kisholi Mendis

Senior Product Manager

Kisholi has over 20 years of experience in business analysis, knowledge and product management and holds a Masters Degree in Information Management as well as a science degree in Computing and Information Systems. As a Senior Product Manager and Head of Enterprise Business Solutions at Camms, she helps organisations drive a data-centric culture via intuitive and goal-driven reports and dashboards.

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Course curriculum

  • What is Camms.Talent?
  • Key Benefits
  • Overview
  • Assessment Setting and Configurations
  • All Assessments
  • Reporting Year Mapping
  • Assessment Periods
  • Assessment Templates Area
  • Staff Classification
  • Core Values
  • Competencies
  • Development Goals
  • Duties
  • Licenses and Statutory Requirements
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Change Tab Order
  • Configure Custom Lists
  • Configure Custom Elements
  • Configure Terminologies
  • User List
  • Email Notifications
  • Configure Terminologies
  • User List
  • Email Notifications
  • Reports
  • Organisational Summery Report

Focus on analysing data, not preparing it!

Choose a report template, speak to reporting agent and customise the report
for your organisation through the Reporting Hub.