Introducing the Camms Partner Portal -
Your launchpad for growth.

Welcome to your Camms Partner Portal introduction! In this blog we’ll be uncovering what the Portal is all about, how your business can gain from it and how you can enhance your journey with us!

Authored by: Editorial Team Reading time: 5 Mins

Step into the Portal

If you’ve been wondering what the Partner Portal is all about, here’s your one-on-one walkthrough!


Simply put, the Camms Partner Portal is your one stop shop for everything you need to make your partner journey with us efficient and successful.


The Portal allows you to familiarise yourself with Camms products, manage opportunities, register deals, follow up on progress, build innovative solutions and collaborate with other partners.


Through the Portal, you are given streamlined support, technical resources, a vast range of online training courses, detailed product guides, innovative marketing and sales collateral, as well as new business opportunities – all in one place that’s simple, personal and mobile.

Expert Support

Get swift access to Camms experts and consultants to build your assets faster.

Sales Enablement & Training

Empowering our partners to build product expertise and deliver effective solutions for any customer.

Become an Accredited Partner

Access training and certification to become a Camms Accredited Business Partner and leader in your organisation.

To become a partner with Camms, simply visit the Camms Partner Portal, click on Become a Partner, submit the form with your details, and we will be in contact to help you begin your partnership journey with us.

Training Courses and Accreditation

A treasure trove of knowledge, our partners receive access to a host of digital training courses that are curated by Camms Subject Matter Experts and accredited by recognised institutions.


All you’ve got to do is click on the Courses section on the top bar and once in, you get unlimited access to knowledge on the Camms software suite, best practices for sales, implementation tips and so much more. You can even become a “Camms Accredited Business Partner” by building and legitimising your skills through these certified courses.

Deal Registration Portal

The Deal Registration Portal on Salesforce is specially designed for you to gain a visual understanding of where prospects are in the sales process.


Here, you can track and manage all your sales deals, stay connected to your contacts and access any vital information you may need to close a sale.


Through the Partner Portal, you may access Salesforce for complete end-to-end visibility; from meetings conducted, topics of discussion, areas to follow up on and every action along the way until the deal is complete! This also allows Camms to gauge how and where we can support you to secure any opportunities you’ve got a head start on.

Resource Hub

Not too confident in knowing how to position and sell Camms to your customers? Here’s where the Resource Hub comes to your rescue! It gears you with everything you need to effectively pitch Camms to your customers.


Registered partners can browse through the collection of resources and material that is specially designed to ensure you land a multitude of opportunities simply by accessing the Resource Hub.

Global Event Calendar

Thanks to our Global Event Calendar, you can learn about all our monthly live webinars and instantly save a seat for any event that piques your interest. Not only that, our library of on-demand webinars gives you the freedom to access a host of insightful discussions at a time and place of your convenience. By tuning into our library of past Partner Webinars, you have the opportunity to gain interesting information and simply be inspired!


Click on Global Event Calendar to hear from industry leaders, Camms experts and fellow partners. Not only that, you can also obtain direct access to Camms specialists to clarify any burning questions you may have!

Partner Community

Here’s another interesting feature! If you’re looking to expand your network of opportunities, the Partner Community is the place to be! Here, you can cultivate contacts within the Camms Partner Network and connect on topics related to all aspects of your business with other like-minded industry professionals.


As a member of the community, you are also eligible to get a heads-up on the latest news from Camms, topical posts, product releases and upcoming training and event announcements.

Support & Partner Consultation

We are at your service, whenever you need it! Whether it’s technical support or strategic support you need, our Partner Consultants have got you covered.

While you may simply access the Partner Portal to raise a support ticket, you can also utilise it to track progress or even access the support page to browse through all our resources on Freshdesk such as Camms User Guides, Product Release Notes, Report Library and more.

If you require the support, all you’ve got to do is click on Access Support Desk or if you require the help of a Partner Consultant, all you’ve got to do is Book a Meeting.

Well, that’s your introduction to the Partner Portal all done. We hope the information provided here gave you an understanding into how essential the Partner Portal is to turn challenges into opportunities and opportunities into profits.


If you are interested in becoming a Camms Partner, require further information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact