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The Microlearning video repository provides an efficient learning experience for users seeking to quickly upskill on specific features of the Camms solution. Through our carefully curated repository of concise, bite-sized videos, users can focus on the exact information they need, when they need it. This approach empowers users to rapidly comprehend and utilise particular features or functions within the system, enhancing their proficiency and effectiveness with our solutions.

Explore our Microlearning videos and experience the transformative impact of this innovative learning method tailored to your needs.

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How to upload data from an Excel sheet to a Custom Table
Video Duration: 1 Min
Find out how the Data Upload Wizard allows users to upload data from an Excel sheet to a Custom Table using the pre-defined template or an existing Excel file.
How to view the Lessons Learned Register
Video Duration: 25 Sec
View all lessons learned in an organisation-wide register using Camms.Project.
How to use the Lessons Learned Object
Video Duration: 46 Sec
Record any areas of a project that could be improved in future projects and highlight positive aspects of the project using the Lessons Learned object.
How to log issues, decisions, and actions for a project
Video Duration: 2 Min
Capture, track and maintain information on project issues, their associated actions and project decisions using the Issue Register within Camms.Project.
How to set up a Project Team
Video Duration: 1 Min
Understand how to set up the project team when creating new projects from scrath using the Add Project option in Camms.Project.
How to export data from an object
Video Duration: 50 Sec
Explore how to export data and information directly to PDF, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel files by clicking on the Export icon on the top toolbar.
How to create a New Project from scratch
Video Duration: 2 Min
Discover how to create new projects from scrath using the Add Project option.
How to create a New Project using a template
Video Duration: 41 Sec
Discover how to create new projects using a pre-existing template by either the Add Project option or the Duplicate Project option.
How to conduct a Project Risk Assessment
Video Duration: 2 Min
The Risk Assessment object provides functionality to assess and manage the risks associated with a particular project.
How to navigate Camms.Project
Video Duration: 3 Min
Discover how to use and navigate through the Camms.Project solution. This video covers the top navigation panel, quick navigation menu, and common icons.
How to use the Assessment Model Object for Portfolio Prioratisation
Video Duration: 1 Min
Use Portfolio Prioratisation to view the prioritization of a project, complete a prioritization assessment, and determine priority in comparison to all projects.
How to use the Attach Document Object
Video Duration: 52 Sec
Explore how to upload files and store web URLs using the Attach Document Object.
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