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The Microlearning video repository provides an efficient learning experience for users seeking to quickly upskill on specific features of the Camms solution. Through our carefully curated repository of concise, bite-sized videos, users can focus on the exact information they need, when they need it. This approach empowers users to rapidly comprehend and utilise particular features or functions within the system, enhancing their proficiency and effectiveness with our solutions.

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How to manage users within Camms.Talent
Video Duration: 40 Sec
The List Users page displays a list of all users registered in the system. All users available in cammsstrategy will be listed here.
How to configure terminologies
Video Duration: 49 Sec
This section allows the administrators to change the terminologies and Rating legends used in the Dashboard in cammstalent to match the terminologies used within your organisation.
How to create and manage own assessment elements
Video Duration: 3 Min
Custom Elements allows the administrator to create their own assessment elements with criteria matching their organisation and staff.
How to create custom lists
Video Duration: 49 Sec
This feature allows the administrator to create custom lists with values in it which have similar properties.
How to change the tab order of the assessment elements
Video Duration: 42 Sec
This page allows the Administrator to change the tab order and display name of assessment elements. This will affect the tab order of every assessment.
How to configure job satisfaction questions
Video Duration: 2 Min
Get the comments of the assessee regarding the satisfaction of his/her job role, position, management, salary concerns and any other inputs related to the job.
What are the licenses and statutory requirements of the organization
Video Duration: 30 Sec
License & Statutory screen lists organisational requirements which can be added to the assessment record.
What are Duties
Video Duration: 1 Min
Duties can be selected to reflect the Assessee's key responsibilities.
What are the development goals of the organisation
Video Duration: 48 Sec
Development Goals identify personal development goals for the review period (e.g. staff training).
What are the competencies
Video Duration: 1 Min
Competencies involve the assessment of competencies which have a major influence on the Assessee's performance.
What are the core values of the organisation
Video Duration: 31 Sec
Assessees can be evaluated on how well they demonstrate organisational and/or business unit specific core values for the review period.
How to manage staff classification
Video Duration: 1 Min
Staff Classification area enable you to define: Classification Types (e.g. CLF 1, CLF 2), Classification Streams (e.g. Administrative, Physical) and Classifications (e.g. AO1, AO2).
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