CAMMS launches training program CAMMS College




LEADING business management software company CAMMS has today launched its first official training program, CAMMS College.

CAMMS has been training people in Enterprise Performance Management for more than 20 years, but CAMMS College marks its first formal foray into the training sphere.

CAMMS Managing Director Joe Collins said it was an exciting step for the global company.

“We are experts in the fields of project management, risk management and strategic planning, and we have been working with organizations across the world to improve in these areas for many years,” Joe said.

“Now it’s time to formalize our approach to training and to offer a clear set of courses for organizations looking to turn their strategy into reality.”

CAMMS College offers three tiers of courses – Specialist, Executive and Certified.

The one-day Specialist courses are aimed at industry experts who want to brush up on their skills in project management, risk management or strategic planning.

The Executive courses are for managers and directors who want to take a more high-level look at a particular performance management area.

The Certified courses – which are coming soon – will see CAMMS College partner with leading education providers to deliver more intensive workshops which will culminate in recognized accreditation for you or your organization.

CAMMS College also offers Custom Learning Solutions for organizations who want courses tailored specifically for their needs.

“This is an exciting next step for CAMMS, which has already helped tens of thousands of users worldwide to run their organizations more effectively,” Joe said.

“We already work in a broad range of fields – from Government and Health organizations, to Transport, Emergency Services and NGOs.”

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CAMMS is a leading provider of business management software, with thousands of users across the globe.

Founded in Adelaide, Australia, in 1996, CAMMS now has five offices and more than 150 employees across Australia, the UK, North America, New Zealand and Asia.

CAMMS offers software to help manage risk, projects, strategy, budget and people.

Its products are used by more than 200 organizations, including those in the Local Government, State Government, health, utilities, not-for-profit and private sectors.