Project Management Essentials

This Project Management Essentials specialist course is ideal if…

You are:

  • Working as a Project Manager within an organization and you’d like to refresh your skills
  • An employee working in a project-based organization and looking to improve your skills to more effectively manage projects
  • Looking to become a Project Manager

If you’re interested in project management from a managerial point of view, take a look at our Project Management for Executives course.

Course overview

This one-day course is suitable for aspiring project managers or people who work in a project-based organization and would like to have the knowledge, tools and techniques to effectively manage projects.

This course will enable you to strengthen your skills and knowledge in project management and will give you the building blocks for higher-level project management qualifications. It covers techniques and tools required in planning, implementing and monitoring project scope, cost, project lifecycle, work breakdown structure, project scheduling, risk management and more.

Key concepts

Key concepts covered include:

1. Defining a project
2. Enterprise Project Management and Links to Project Management Methodologies
3. Project Management Principles
4. Creating a Project Management Framework (PMF)
5. Communication and presenting a PMF
6. Implementing a PMF

7. Identifying Projects
8. Grouping and Classifying Projects
9. Preparing a project Business Case
10. Prioritizing Projects
11. Project Monitoring and Reporting

Delivery mode

Choose what’s best for your organization:

  • Onsite training at your workplace;
  • A CAMMS-hosted face-to-face classroom;
  • A webinar session online; or
  • A combination of all three

Pricing and Duration

  • Cost: USD 1600 per head
  • Duration: One day

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