Strategic Planning Essentials

This Strategic Planning Essentials specialist course is ideal if…

You are an:

  • Executive or Senior Manager, and you’d like to better influence the strategic direction of your organization
  • Change Manager and/or Corporate Planning Champion (or want to be one!)
  • Employee looking to learn how to manage and drive organizations through effective strategy execution

If you’re a Senior Manager or Company Director looking to influence or change the strategic direction or your organization, take a look at our Strategic Planning for Executives course.

Course overview

Gain the practical tools and techniques you need to execute business strategy and empower your people to achieve success. This high-level course will provide you with the subject matter expertise to design and build a comprehensive strategic management framework that ensures your strategic and organizational plans are not just “paper exercises”. You will also undertake practical exercises that will assist your organization develop meaningful strategic and business plans.

From ‘the vision’, to executing the strategic and business plan, you will learn how to create realistic yet ambitious strategies that support the growth and sustainability of your organization. You will also familiarize yourself with the latest trends and approaches to Enterprise Performance Management. This one-day course may not make you an instant expert in Enterprise Performance Management but you will be very close!

Key concepts

Key areas covered include:

1. Develop Strategic Management Models and frameworks to drive organizational change and improve day-to-day performance
2. Understand the theory behind and how to “practically” execute strategy
3. Develop meaningful plans and “SMART” metrics to better achieve your vision
4. Establish organizational alignment and empower staff to succeed
5. Understand how digital technology can transform the way you execute strategy within your business

Delivery mode

Choose what’s best for your organisation:

  • Onsite training at your workplace;
  • A CAMMS-hosted face-to-face classroom;
  • A webinar session online; or
  • A combination of all three

Pricing and Duration

  • Cost: USD 1600 per head
  • Duration: One day

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