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Why leading business professionals trust CAMMS College

In the real world, your best professional learning opportunities come from blending practice and theory. And that’s exactly what CAMMS College does.

As a world-leading Enterprise Performance Management software and services provider, our consultants are experts in helping companies get on track – and stay there.  When we’re not helping professionals like you boost your employability through our range of courses, we’re out there in the field, ensuring our clients achieve business success by implementing and delivering best practice solutions.

With a range of set courses and customizable learning solutions for both specialists and managers, we’ve got you covered – from strategic, financial and workforce planning, to risk, project and business process management, as well as data analysis, KPI and report building.

To find out more about what makes CAMMS College unique, check out the ‘Why CAMMS?’ page.

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4 types of courses to meet your learning needs

Solution courses

Become an expert on the CAMMS product suite, learn the solution and the fundamental concepts that they are built on.

Specialist courses

You’re a performance management specialist wanting to build your skills in a specific area, such as strategic planning, project, risk or business process management.

Certified courses

Gain independently-certified qualifications through CAMMS College via our partnerships with registered higher education providers. This feature is coming soon.

Customised learning

You’re a specialist or executive looking for professional education on a topic outside our set courses, delivered in a format and at a time that suits your specific needs.

Learn wherever you want with three delivery options

Since 1996, we’ve helped tens of thousands of performance management experts and business managers, across public and private organizations throughout five continents, to enhance their skills, boost their careers and turn their workplace strategy into reality.


Arrange an expert CAMMS consultant to visit your workplace.

CAMMS classroom

Attend a CAMMS-hosted face-to-face workshop with your peers.


Like to learn online? Attend a CAMMS-hosted webinar session.

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Leading companies trust CAMMS

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