Camms.Connect Solution Training Course

Camms.Connect provides a way to establish a modern ecosystem which allows interaction between our systems and other systems you may have in use. This interaction is facilitated via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This course will help you understand some of the basic concepts around APIs, how APIs interact with the data held within Camms.Connect.

Camms.Connect Solution Training Course
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Certificate Included
Camms.Connect Solution Training Course
0.5 Hours
Camms.Connect Solution Training Course
Learning Outcomes
General User Training
Meet the Instructor
Expert-led training on solution functionality, best practices, and common use cases
Learning Objectives
Structured courses that provide an introductory understanding and drive effective retention
Course Curriculum
Explore the course structure and scope that will guide your learning experience
Camms.Connect Solution Training
  • How to use this course
Lesson 1 - Introduction to Camms.Connect

Introduction to Camms.Connect

  • Outline
  • Concepts
Lesson 2 - The Connectors

The Connectors

  • Incident Connector
  • HR Connector
  • Financial Connector
Lesson 3 - Using APIs for Visualisation

Using APIs for Visualisation

  • Designing a Power BI Dashboard
  • How well do you understand the Camms.Connect Solution
Course Survey
  • Camms.Connect Solution – User Experience Survey
Camms.Connect Resource Library
  • About the Camms.Connect Resource Library
  • Camms.Connect Developer Portal
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Camms.Connect Solution Training Course
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Camms.Connect Solution Training Course
Camms.Connect Solution Training Course
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Camms.Connect Solution Training Course