Camms.College Solution Training Course

Delve into the Camms.College solution, a comprehensive online learning portal crafted to boost your knowledge of Camms solution functionality, best practices, and concepts. In this course, you will uncover the potential of the Camms.College Learning Experience Platform (LXP), along with the self-paced, on-demand training it offers. Guiding both new and existing users, we'll demonstrate how to effectively utilise the LXP and its self-service features to create a personalised learning experience for every learner.

Camms.College Solution Training Course
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Not Included
Camms.College Solution Training Course
0.5 Hours
Camms.College Solution Training Course
Learning Outcomes
General User Training Course
Solution Overview
Next generation customer success powered by Camms,College
Camms.College Solution Training Course
Learning Objectives
Structured courses that provide an introductory understanding and drive effective retention
Course Curriculum
Explore the course structure and scope that will guide your learning experience
Camms.College Solution Training Course

Learn how to leverage the Camms.College Learning Experience Platform to access a wealth of learning collateral and support services, enhancing your organisation’s knowledge and performance.

Lesson 1 - Solution Overview

Solution Overview

Discover the value you can gain through Camms.College through a holistic learning experience and its diverse content offerings.

  • Overview of Camms.College
Lesson 2 - Accessing the Learning Experience Platform

Accessing Camms.College

Discover the most convenient methods of accessing Camms.College LXP. Learn convenient methods for logging in and navigating the platform.

  • How to access Camms.College
Lesson 3 - Accessing Learning Content

Accessing Learning Content

Find out how to access our courses and webinars, and use our self-service features. Learn how to self-enrol for any public training material within the Catalogue, view your enrollments, and use the Course Player to its full potential. 

  • Dashboard
  • Catalogue and Self-Enrolment
  • My Learning
  • Using the Course Player
Lesson 4 - View and Access Certificates

View and Access Certificates

Explore how you can earn certificates while enhancing your professional capabilities. In this lesson you will learn how to access your certificates through the application. 

  • Access Certificates
Lesson 5 - Value Added Services

Value Added Services

Explore the additional value added services that are available to help you make the most of your Camms.College subscription. 

  • Virtual Consulting
  • Reporting Hub
  • SME Webinars
  • Bespoke Courses
Lesson 6 - Support Services


Discover how to access our professional support services for assistance with Camms.College.

  • Accessing Support Services
Training Assessment
Put your knowledge to the test with our course assessment.
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Camms.College Solution Training Course
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Camms.College Solution Training Course
Camms.College Solution Training Course
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Camms.College Solution Training Course