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Assessment Templates - why can't I edit to ensure that elements within templates auto transfer from Strategy (interplan)?

You will need to untick the elements from the left hand side elements page (i.e action, task, measures) and it will activate the tick boxes to be ticked in the middle of the page (where you select them to be automated) :

The PES Assessment is in setup phase yet as the staff member I cannot edit (go into the setup).

I believe this is because you have sent it to the manager for Endorsement. You can go into your assessment if you havent done this as it still sits with you to finish.

PES cycle is like a sea-saw where it goes from you to the Reporting Manager (RO) and back to you and then back to RO.

Example – you as the Staff member as the Assessee and Manager as the Reporting Manager (RO).

1) STAFF SETUP & FINISH > Sent to RO for Endorsement [During this stage of the phase only the staff member can edit to complete the setup]
2) RO ENDORSEMENT – Complete > Sent back to Staff member for Self Assessment [During this stage of the phase only the RO can edit to complete endorsement without any changes occurring by staff member]

SELF ASSESSMENT PHASE [During this phase only Staff member can edit. RO can add notes only.]
1) STAFF ASSESSMENT ->COMPLETE > Sent to RO for Appraisal (Assessment phase)

ASSESSMENT PHASE [During this phase only RO can edit]
1) RO completes Assessment of staff member > Complete

ASSESSMENT COMPLETE [Both RO and Staff member can access to Review the completed assessment]
1) if Sign off is required both RO and staff member can complete sign off.

A number of assessments are "not started". What does this status mean?

The status ‘Not Started’ means that the User has not gone into the assessment and ‘saved’ anything yet. So essentially they haven’t started their assessment setup.

This is different to ‘draft’ – once they do go into the assessment and ‘save’ some changes, then it goes into a Draft status.

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