Introduction to Risk Essentials Course

Dive into the world of risk management with our comprehensive 'Introduction to Risk Essentials' course. This expertly designed curriculum covers a wide range of topics, from risk management objectives and standards to identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks effectively. Learn about Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), risk documentation, and reporting. Enhance your understanding of risk maturity and the use of risk management software to improve organisational efficiency. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the complexities of risk management and contribute to your organisation's success.

This one-day course is suitable for participants who either have limited risk management experience or are seeking a conceptual grounding in the key components of good risk management practice.

Introduction to Risk Essentials Course
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Introduction to Risk Essentials Course
1.5 Hours
Introduction to Risk Essentials Course
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Introduction to Risk Essentials

Strengthen your core understanding of risk management. This course covers the essential concepts of GRC, providing a solid foundation in a variety of topics, covering key principles, theories, and best practices.

Lesson 1 - Risk Management Objectives

Risk Management Objectives

Learn about the common risk management objectives in an organisation, the different risk events faced by companies, and how to manage risks.

  • Risk Management Objectives
  • Organisations and Risk Events
  • Managing Risk
Lesson 2 - Risk Management Standards

Risk Management Standards

Discover what a risk management standard is, and how organisations align themselves with it.

  • Risk Management Standards
Lesson 3 - Concepts of ERM and GRC

Enterprise Risk Management and Governance, Risk and Compliance

In this lesson you’ll learn about Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), and exactly does Governanace, Risk and Compliance mean.

  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)
Lesson 4 - Risk Context

Risk Context

This lesson will talk all about organisational Risk Context, how to identify risks that are essential for your business, creating a risk breakdown structure and what is Risk Governanace.

  • Risk Context
  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Breakdown Structure
  • Risk Governance
Lesson 5 - Risk Documentation

Risk Documentation

Discover what Risk Documentation is, and how risk should be approached, implemented, tracked and reported on within an organisation.

  • Risk Documentation
Lesson 6 - Risk Registers

Risk Registers

This lesson will delve into risk registers, their quality and consistency as well as identification and assessment of risks.

  • Risk Registers
  • Risk Register Quality
Lesson 7 - Identifying and Assessing Risk

Identifying and Assessing Risk

Discover how to define risk, what is a risk impact matrix, categories of risk impact, causes, consequences and likelihood of risk, as well as the difference between Inherent and Residual risks.

  • Definition of Risk
  • Defining Risk
  • Risk Impact Matrix
  • Categories of Risk Impact
  • Risk Causes and Consequences
  • Risk Consequence
  • Risk Likelihood
  • Risk Assessment – Inherent vs Residual
Lesson 8 - Controlling and Treating Risks

Controlling and Treating Risks

This lesson will cover, what are Risk Controls, Risk Treatment Actions, Risk appetite, tolerance and attitude, target levels of risk, and strategic vs operational risks.

  • Risk Controls
  • Risk Treatments
  • Risk Treatment Actions
  • Risk Appetite, Risk Tolerance, Risk Attitude
  • Target Level of Risk
  • Strategic vs Operational Risks
Lesson 9 - Tracking and Reporting on Risks

Tracking and Reporting on Risks

This lesson will highlight examples of the types of graphical risk reporting, typically embedded in risk software.

  • Tracking and Reporting on Risks
Lesson 10 - Organisational Risk Maturity

Organisational Risk Maturity

Get an understanding of organisational risk maturity and how to progress your journey from an initial to embedded to mature stage.

  • Organisational Risk Maturity
Lesson 11 - Risk Management Software

Risk Management Software

This lesson will cover what good risk management software should include and how to improve the efficiency of risk management within organisations though the alignment to this software.

  • Risk Management Software – What Do Client’s Want?
User Experience Survey

User Experience Survey

Share your thoughts on this course, if it provided a comprehensive understanding of the subject and any improvements to the course.

  • Risk Management Software – What Do Client’s Want?
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Introduction to Risk Essentials Course
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Introduction to Risk Essentials Course
Introduction to Risk Essentials Course
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Introduction to Risk Essentials Course