Camms.Meeting Solution Training Course

Reduce the amount of time you spend preparing for meetings. With pre-configured agenda templates, integrated scheduling and the ability to directly record minutes, Camms.Meeting makes it easy to allocate tasks to team members during meetings – and review progress at the next meeting. This one-day course is suitable for new and existing Camms.Meeting customers and covers the fundamentals of meeting automation, systemising agenda, report creation, roll call and more.

Camms.Meeting Solution Training Course
Certificate Status
Certificate Included
Camms.Meeting Solution Training Course
0.5 Hours
Camms.Meeting Solution Training Course
Learning Outcomes
General User Training
Meet the Instructor
Expert-led training on solution functionality, best practices, and common use cases
Learning Objectives
Structured courses that provide an introductory understanding and drive effective retention
Course Curriculum
Explore the course structure and scope that will guide your learning experience
Camms.Meeting Solution Training
  • How to use this course
  • Before we begin…
Lesson 1 - Overview of Camms.Meeting


  • Overview of Camms.Meeting
Lesson 2 - Accessing Camms.Meeting

Accessing Camms.Meeting

  • Accessing Camms.Meeting
Lesson 3 - Camms.Meeting Homepage

Camms.Meeting Homepage

  • Camms.Meeting Homepage and Navigation
Lesson 4 - Administration


  • Admin Setup
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Teams
  • Manage Committees
  • Manage Locations
  • Manage Legislation
  • Setup Report Templates
  • Setup Agenda Templates
  • Setup Email Templates
  • Email Notifications
  • Retrieve Deletion
Lesson 5 - Create Meetings

Create Meetings

  • Create a Meeting
  • Edit Agenda Item
  • Mark Agenda Item as Complete
  • Preview Agenda Item
  • Share an Agenda Item
  • Copy and Move an Agenda Item
  • Finalise Agenda
Lesson 6 - Join Meetings

Join Meetings

  • Join Meeting as Organiser
  • Close Meeting
  • Publish Draft Minutes
  • Finalise Meeting Minutes
  • Join Meeting as Participant
Lesson 7 - Follow Up

Follow up

  • Follow up on Action Items
Lesson 8 - Camms.Meeting Workspace

Camms.Meeting Workspace

  • My Workspace
  • Agenda Item Search
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Camms.Meeting Solution Training Course
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Camms.Meeting Solution Training Course
Camms.Meeting Solution Training Course
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Camms.Meeting Solution Training Course