Camms.Risk Compliance Management Solution

Learn about the fundamentals of compliance management, its applicability to industry standards along with
details of deploying a compliance process through Camms.Risk.

Camms.Risk Compliance Management Solution

About Camms.Risk Compliance Management

Track compliance requirements to understand areas of exposure and non-conformance to drive business action and address legislative regulatory changes.

Course Summary

This course is suitable for any new or existing users of the Camms.Risk Compliance Management solution. Gain an understanding of the solution’s capabilities along with compliance conceptual grounding and receive a certificate upon course completion. 

Learning Outcomes

Course Duration

1.5 Hours

Meet the Instructor

Daniel Lee


Daniel comes with a bachelor's degree in Commerce from the University of Melbourne, and experience in Business Administration in Engineering. As a Camms Consultant he conducts training sessions on administering and utilising Camms solutions and tools and its various applications, troubleshooting and fixing configuration-related issues, as well as conducts necessary investigations in order to triage specific cases.

Course Curriculum

Get a comprehensive understanding of the Camms Risk Compliance Management capability, along with key concepts that will help you better understand and utilise Camms.Risk and its Compliance Module.

Discover the fundamentals of compliance management and whether your organisation is compliant by utilising elements within Camms.Risk. This lesson gives you an overview of the subject matter while focusing on aspects such as Compliance Breach Tracking. Moreover, you will learn about aspects that differentiate compliance from non-compliance.

  • Compliance: An Overview
  • Compliance Breach Tracking
  • Compliance and Non-Compliance

Discover some of the reasons compliance management can prove vital to you and your organisation.

Understand the purpose of compliance in a modern corporate environment and how it ties together with authority documents and policies.

  • Registers and Navigation
  • Compliance Registers
  • Authority Document Registers
  • Policy Registers

Learn how to locate Obligations, Authority Documents and Policy records utilising a myriad of search filters on Camms.Risk. The filters vary from Compliance Code, Compliance Title, Compliance Type, Responsible Officer, to Compliance Status and more.

  • Creating Compliance Records
  • Create an Action Against an Obligation
  • Updating Obligations Due for Review

Learn about the compliance standard and custom reporting functionality available to users within the Camms.Risk Compliance module.

Learn about the compliance standard and custom reporting functionality available to users within the Camms.Risk Compliance Module.

Discover the Camms.Risk Dashboarding tool featuring dashboards that help portray instantaneous insights on organisational data, including compliance obligations. The lesson also explores our dashboarding functionalities and features.

  • Accessing Dashboards

Find out about Camms.Risk’s capabilities in integrating with third party systems and how the solution supports data transfer and data management between the applications used.

Put your knowledge to the test! Find out whether you have successfully become a compliance expert at the end of the course.

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