Camms.Risk Incident Mobile Training Course

This certified course is designed to provide users with a comprehensive understanding of the features and functionality of the Camms.Risk Incident mobile solution. The cloud-based incident mobile application is a powerful tool for managing incidents as they happen, including reporting concerns and near misses, conducting investigations, determining impact, and managing cases.

Through this course, you will learn how to use the mobile application to report incidents while on-the-go and as they happen, draft incidents while offline, capture and submit photographs for investigation, and receive a quick view snapshot of incidents that require updates. The course is designed and led by Camms.Risk Incident product specialists to provide in-depth knowledge of how to take the right action and manage incident from anywhere using the mobile application. Upon completion of this course, participants will have the skills and knowledge to effectively use the Camms.Risk Incident mobile application.

Camms.Risk Incident Mobile Training Course
Certificate Status
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Camms.Risk Incident Mobile Training Course
0.5 Hours
Camms.Risk Incident Mobile Training Course
Learning Outcomes
Mobile User Training
Meet the Instructor
Expert-led training on solution functionality, best practices, and common use cases
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Course Curriculum
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Camms.Risk Incident Mobile Training Course

Learn about the Camms.Risk Incident Management mobile application with tips on how to track incidents, log updates, and other core functions.

Lesson 1 - Introduction


Discover the fundamentals of the Camms.Risk Incident solution and the value addition provided by the mobile application.

Lesson 2 - Core Features and Functions

Core Features and Functions

Knowledge on how to access the application and understanding the incident workflow process.

Lesson 3 - Incident Registers

Incident Registers

Learn how to access and use incident registers and navigate filters to find specific information.

Lesson 4 - Log an Incident

Log an Incident

Discover a step-by-step walkthrough of how to log a new incident from within the mobile application.


Apply your knowledge by testing your understanding of the mobile application’s features, capabilities, and benefits.

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Camms.Risk Incident Mobile Training Course
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Camms.Risk Incident Mobile Training Course
Camms.Risk Incident Mobile Training Course
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Camms.Risk Incident Mobile Training Course