Camms.Insights Administration Training Course

Camms.Insights, is a comprehensive, integrated report writing tool, which will allow users to generate and develop their own reports in a quick and easy manner. This course is suitable for any new or existing admin users of Camms.Insights. At the end of this course administrators will be able to create, design, edit and print reports like a pro.

Camms.Insights Administration Training Course
Certificate Status
Certificate Included
Camms.Insights Administration Training Course
50 Minutes
Camms.Insights Administration Training Course
Learning Outcomes
Administrative User Training
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Course Curriculum
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Camms.Insights Administration Training
  • How to use this course
  • Before we begin…
Lesson 1 - Understanding Data Sources

Understanding Data Sources

  • Naming Conventions
  • Default Categorisation
  • Updating Data sources for Configuration Changes
Lesson 2 - Managing your Data Sources

Managing your Data Sources

  • Overview
  • Reorganise Data Sources
  • Rename Data Sources and Data Columns
  • Hide Fields or Make Them Unfilterable
Lesson 3 - Data Source Relationships

Creating and managing data source relationships

  • Creating and managing data source relationships
Lesson 4 - Creating Data Sources

Creating your Own Data Source

  • Overview
  • Create Data Sources for Camms.Project
  • Create Data Sources for Camms.Incident
  • Create Data Sources for Camms.Compliance
Lesson 5 - Configuring New Data Sources

Configuring and Enabling New Data Sources for Use

  • Configuring and Enabling New Data Sources for Use
Lesson 6 - Creating your Own Roles

Creating your Own Roles

  • Creating your Own Roles
Lesson 7 - User Management

Managing users

  • Managing users
  • Managing access to reports and dashboards
  • Managing your Report Schedules and Subscriptions
Lesson 8 - SQL Joins

SQL Joins

  • Understanding SQL joins
  • Inner Join
  • Left Join
  • Right Join
  • Full Join
  • Using Key Joins
  • Using a Join Alias
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Camms.Insights Administration Training Course
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Camms.Insights Administration Training Course
Camms.Insights Administration Training Course
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Camms.Insights Administration Training Course