Camms.Engage Solution Training Course

Dive into the world of Camms.Engage, a cutting-edge solution designed to help you deliver captivating and interactive dashboards for your stakeholders. Learn how to effectively communicate key performance metrics, increase transparency, and streamline public reporting processes with visually appealing and customisable layouts. This course is perfect for new or existing users looking to master Camms.Engage and create dashboards that resonate with board members, CEOs, and teams alike.

Camms.Engage Solution Training Course
Certificate Status
Certificate Included
Camms.Engage Solution Training Course
2.5 Hours
Camms.Engage Solution Training Course
Learning Outcomes
General User Training Course
Solution Overview
Engage stakeholders with dynamic, interactive dashboards that elevate your data analysis
Camms.Engage Solution Training Course
Meet the Instructor
Gain insights from expert-led training that delves into core principles and best practices
Learning Objectives
Structured courses that provide an introductory understanding and drive effective retention
Course Curriculum
Explore the course structure and scope that will guide your learning experience
Camms.Engage Solution Training Course

Embark on the Camms.Engage training course to gain valuable insights into creating, designing, editing, and printing impactful dashboards. Discover how to navigate the solution, manage organisational details, and handle user roles for seamless communication with stakeholders. Transform the way you present data by leveraging interactive and customisable features on Camms.Engage, and leave behind the limitations of traditional spreadsheets.

Lesson 1 - Solution Overview

Solution Overview

Discover a revolutionary approach to stakeholder empowerment. Create dashboards that are insightful, visually appealing, understandable, and resonate with board members, CEO’s and your community alike.

  • Overview of Camms.Engage
Lesson 2 - Accessing Camms.Engage

Accessing Camms.Engage

This lesson will guide you through the process of accessing key areas within the Camms.Engage solution.

  • Accessing Camms.Engage
Lesson 3 - The Dashboards Page

The Dashboards Page

The Dashboards Page gives you an overview of all the dashboards created for your organisation. Learn how to access and navigate this page and carry out various actions.

  • The Dashboards Page
Lesson 4 - Creating a New Dashboard

Creating a New Dashboard

This lesson will provide a step-by-step process on how to create a new dashboard and the best practices to follow within the Camms.Engage solution.

  • Creating a new dashboard
Lesson 5 - Configuring Dashboard Pages

Configuring Dashboard Pages

Explore how you can easily configure dashboard pages within the Camms.Engage solution interface.

  • Configuring dashboard pages
Lesson 6 - Creating a Manual Dashboard Page

Creating a Manual Dashboard Page

This lesson will take you through all the steps needed to manually add pages to your dashboard.

  • Creating a manual dashboard page
Lesson 7 - Refreshing your Dashboard Data

Refreshing your Dashboard Data

This lesson will walk you through the different ways you can effortlessly refresh your dashboard data within the Camms.Engage interface.

  • Refreshing your dashboard data
Lesson 8 - Managing your Organisation Details

Managing your Organisation Details

Discover the step-by-step process of managing your organisation details within the Camms.Engage solution including name, logo, and custom links.

  • Managing your organisation details
Lesson 9 - Managing Multiple Dashboards and Links

Managing Multiple Published Dashboards and Links

This lesson will take you through the steps needed to manage multiple published dashboards with ease using Camms.Engage.

  • Managing multiple published dashboards and links
Lesson 10 - Managing Users and Roles

Managing Users and Roles

Discover how to manage users and roles, and carry out other functions like adding new roles within the Camms.Engage interface.

  • Managing users and roles
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