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Can I change the colors and the fonts of the dashboard?

Colors and fonts for the dashboard are inherited through the template which was created for you. Thus, colors and font changes are not configurable.

  • Before we setup the dashboard, during the scoping phase we will be getting the required color schemes and font styles as per your organisation and create the mock-ups accordingly.
  • Once the mock-ups are confirmed a template will be developed inline to the approved mock-ups.
  • This developed template is what determines your dashboard colors and fonts.
  • Therefore, if there is any requirement to change the colors and font styles of the dashboard, a development must take place in order to do the changes as per the new requirement.
Can I create a single dashboard by combining more than one hierarchy ?

Yes, you can select more than one base hierarchy for the dashboard, in the dashboard creation phase. Please refer to below steps:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Select a base hierarchy from the hierarchy drop down, and select ‘Add hierarchy’ button. You can repeat the same process to add all the hierarchies which ypu want to add.

Can I create users in Camms.Engage?

Camms.Engage inherits all users who are created in Camms.Strategy.

Therefore if you want to create a new user for Camms.Engage, you must create the user through Camms.Strategy. Please refer to the below image.

As soon as the user is created through Camms.Strategy, the created user will be listed down in the ‘Manage User Role’ tab in the admin section of Camms.Engage. Please refer to the below image.

How do I change the dashboard security status from public to private and vice versa?

First go to the edit phase of the dashboard.

Then, you can simply tick off the ‘Public’ check box at the end of the dashboard edit panel, to change the security status of the dashboard to ‘Private’. Subsequently only the logged in users will be able to view the dashboard.

If you tick-on the check box again, the dashboard will be public and all the users will be able to view the dashboard.

How do we setup powerBI in Camms.Engage?

In the admin section of Camms.Engage, the Power BI Report component is placed under the common category.

You could drag and drop the component to the page design area and click on edit, in order to configure the related details for the component.

As shown in the above image,

  • First, please add the Application ID and click on the “load data” button.
  • Then select the appropriate workspace from the next drop-down.
  • Select ‘Report’ from ‘Display Option’ and select the PowerBI report you want to embed from the report drop-down.
  • You could add a title and a description for the component as well.

Note: As PowerBI is a Microsoft tool, information/tutorials related to these could be found in Google. Please refer to the below URL as an example:


The above URL explains how to fetch information such as the application ID, workspace from powerBI.

  • Please ensure that the PowerBI reports are published in a publicly accessible environment.
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