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Why can't I edit the Project Schedule as a Project admin?

Project Administrators should be able to edit projects at any time (including the schedule).

If you cannot see these ‘edit’ buttons as an admin you will notice this little icon here:

This means that someone has checked out the schedule in MS Project and they haven’t checked it back in.

You can Discard the check out by clicking on this arrow. However if someone is working on this schedule in MS then any changes will be lost by discarding it as they will not be able to check it back in.

Why is Current year net budget values not showing values in the project register?

The reason why the Current year net budget values are showing up as $0.00 is because the projects for the current financial year 19/20 do not have any figures entered for the 19/20. It would be best to check if the figures have been entered within the project budget under the 19/20 period. If there are no figures entered there then the project register will most certainly show $0.00.

Why does the Project Status shows as “Completed” and the Percent Complete shows as 100% even when the Project doesn’t have any Tasks?

Issue: Project Status shows as “Completed” and the Percent Complete shows as 100% even when the Project doesn’t have any Tasks

Description: Project Status shows as “Completed” and the Percent Complete shows as 100% even when the Project doesn’t have any Tasks and the completion date shows a future date.
It’s not allowing to change the status or the Percent Complete


Percent Complete

Completion date shows as a future date

Reason: The setting “If There Is No Schedule Target and Actual Is Zero” is inactive.

When the above setting is inactive, if there is no schedule, it will display the % complete as 100%. This is the behaviour of the application.

When this is active and if there is no schedule it will display the % complete as 0%.

In this case, to change the % complete of the project to 0%, you will need to activate the above-mentioned setting and it will make the % complete of the Projects which are not having a schedule to 0%.

Why can't I select Sponsor (staff member setup as an approver) for approval at the final approval stage for a project?

There could be a few reasons why the staff member is not showing to select:

1. Check to ensure that a staff member has been given the position for approval and is linked to the project team object. For example if you have setup that the Sponsor can approve the sign off, then ensure that there is a staff member with this position linked to the project.

2. Please check to ensure that the staff member who is added to the Project Team with the correct project position (linked in the workflow who can approve the sign off) has been linked correctly to the User login.

You cannot assigned staff members to approve projects unless they are linked to a user login.

3. Check to ensure that the position that you have select to be able to do the approval has the appropriate permissions set (CAN SIGN OFF – SIGN OFF) within the project settings > project position section:

Are emails sent out at a specific time ?

Emails are sent out based on how the email rules are set up within the application. Once the trigger conditions are met email notifications will be sent out based on how the email service is configured within your environment. Currently the email service is configured for emails to be sent out every 5 minutes.

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