Camms.Strategy Solution Training Course

Camms.Strategy is a software solution designed to help organisations develop, execute, and manage their strategic plans. It streamlines the strategic planning process by providing a centralised platform for setting goals, tracking performance, and monitoring progress towards achieving desired outcomes. By integrating various aspects of organisational planning, Camms.Strategy enables organisations to align their resources, processes, and people towards a common vision, fostering collaboration and ensuring strategic objectives are met effectively and efficiently.

This course caters to both new and experienced users of the Camms.Strategy solution. Through expert guidance, you'll master navigating essential aspects of Camms.Strategy, enabling you to keep executives and boards up-to-date on strategic, corporate, and performance progress with the help of insightful dashboards and in-depth reporting.

Camms.Strategy Solution Training Course
Certificate Status
Certificate Included
Camms.Strategy Solution Training Course
1 Hours
Camms.Strategy Solution Training Course
Learning Outcomes
General User Training
Solution Overview
Implement organisational strategy, measure performance, and pursue shared objectives
Camms.Strategy Solution Training Course
Meet the Instructor
Expert-led training on solution functionality, best practices, and common use cases
Learning Objectives
Structured courses that provide an introductory understanding and drive effective retention
Course Curriculum
Explore the course structure and scope that will guide your learning experience
Camms.Strategy Solution Training Course

Learn about the Camms.Strategy solution and understand how to use its unique capabilites to keep track of goals, manage your organisation’s strategy and evaluate performance.

Lesson 1 - Introduction

Introduction to Camms.Strategy

Gain a holistic understanding of the solution and how its features and functionalities can benefit your organisation. This lesson will include:

  • What is Camms.Strategy?
  • Key Benefits and Functionalities
  • Hierarchies
Lesson 2 - Navigation


Learn how to access the Camms.Strategy solution, how to navigate through the solution homepage and how to use the strategy menu to access core areas of the system.

  • Strategy Navigation
Lesson 3 - Corporate Planning

Corporate Planning

Learn how to access and set up key workflow areas within Camms.Strategy in the form of Actions and Tasks.

  • Actions and Tasks
Lesson 4 - Performance Management

Performance Management

Discover how to create a new KPI through your Performance Management Dashboard. Learn how to link KPIs to several Hierarchies using the Camms.Strategy tool, thus giving you a better understanding of the performance of certain areas in your company and how you can improve it.

  • Performance Management with Camms.Strategy
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Lesson 5 - Search and Update

Search and Update

This lesson will show you how to best utilise My Quick Update and My Quick Search within Camms.Strategy to improve performance management and better manage tasks.

  • Understanding Search and Update
  • My Quick Update
  • My Quick Search


Lesson 6 - Reporting and Reports

Reporting and Reports

In this lesson, you will get an overall understanding of how to navigate the reporting feature on Camms.Strategy and how to access all the reports available to your organisation. You will also discover how to add and edit Organisational Reports.

  • Understanding Reports
  • Reporting in Camms.Strategy
  • Standard Reports
Lesson 7 - Executive Intelligence

Executive Intelligence

Discover how to access the Executive Intelligence page through your dashboard. In this lesson, you will explore how you can access a performance summary of different levels of your organisation, as well as a performance summary of your Planning Hierarchy and even different levels of your Custom Hierarchy.

  • Accessing Executive Intelligence
  • Executive Intelligence and Dashboards
Lesson 8 - Managing Camms.Strategy

Managing Your Camms.Strategy

Discover how to effectively utilise certain features on Camms.Strategy to ensure your strategy management plan is well organised and easy to navigate. This lesson will guide you on how to get an overview of all your actions and KPIs, view reports that you have configured and how to access various functions.

  • My Workspace
  • My Settings
  • My Reports

Course Assessment

Put your knowledge to the test! Complete this course with a quick assessment.

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Camms.Strategy Solution Training Course