Camms.Risk Solution Training Course

This course is designed to introduce you to Camms.Risk, a comprehensive risk management solution that is built to help organisations integrate operational risk management into their culture. The platform provides a centralised view of all risks, allowing you to quickly identify and prioritise potential threats. Through this course, you will learn about the features and functions of the Camms.Risk solution and how to use them to effectively manage risks in your organisation. Whether you're new to Camms.Risk or looking to improve your knowledge, this course will provide you with the knowledge you need to ensure that your organisation is prepared for any potential risks and can respond effectively in the event of an incident.

Camms.Risk Solution Training Course
Certificate Status
Certificate Included
Camms.Risk Solution Training Course
2.5 Hours
Camms.Risk Solution Training Course
Learning Outcomes
General User Training
Solution Overview
Develop an integrated approach to Governance, Risk and Compliance
Camms.Risk Solution Training Course
Meet the Instructor
Gain valuable insights from expert-led training that delves into functionality and best practices
Learning Objectives
Structured courses that provide an introductory understanding and drive effective retention
Course Curriculum
Explore the course structure and scope that will guide your learning experience
Camms.Risk Solution

Get a comprehensive understanding of the Camms.Risk solution, as well as key concepts that will help you better understand and utilise Camms.Risk.

Lesson 1 - Overview

Introduction to Camms.Risk

Understand how Camms’ GRC integrates into your strategy, culture, and helps meet regulations, build trust, and secure the future.

Lesson 2 - Navigation


Learn to access and navigate Camms.Risk solution easily.

Lesson 3 - Registers


Learn to utilize the features of the Risk Registers

Lesson 4 - New Risk

New Risk

Discover how to create new Risks, complete assessments, create controls, and link to records in the Camms Solutions suite.

Lesson 5 - Key Risk Indicators (KRIs)

Key Risk Indicators (KRIs)

Learn about Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) and how to link an individual risk to a KRI

Lesson 6 - Updating Risk Actions

Updating Your Risk Actions

Learn how the Quick Update feature can be used to conveniently update records.

Lesson 7 - Dashboards and Reports

Dashboards and Reports

Discover the Executive Intelligence area, Risk Analysis dashboards, and how to run reports in Camms.Risk.

Lesson 8 - Search and History

Search and History

Discover how to search for actions with Quick Risk Action Search and view risk history in Camms.Risk.

Lesson 9 - Settings


Learn how to adjust individual settings within Camms.Risk.

Lesson 10 - Administration


Learn to manage users, set up notifications, and handle settings/configuration in Camms.Risk’s administrative function.

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Camms.Risk Solution Training Course
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Camms.Risk Solution Training Course
Camms.Risk Solution Training Course
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Camms.Risk Solution Training Course