Camms.College Q1 Product Release Updates 2022
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Published Date : February 28, 2022
Last Updated : March 15, 2022

This blog dives into the enhancements released for the Camms.College Learning Experience Platform (LXP) during Q1 (January-March) of 2022. Keep reading to find out what the updates are and how you can utilise them for a smoother, more convenient learning experience. If you need in-depth information on the enhancements, you may access our release notes.

The Camms.College Learning Experience Platform has been designed to fast-track and deliver highly-engaging digital education with self-service features and functionalities for personalised learning. It is the central location to access all product learning resources of Camms. The upgrades for Q1 focus on improving the overall user experience and allowing you to access the system no matter where you are, as well as providing Group Administrators with new facilities.

Mobile User Interface Launch

The Camms.College Learning Experience Platform is now mobile browser compatible and can be accessed from all major mobile devices. You can simply log in to from your mobile browser and access, enrol,l and watch learning activities.

Mobile User Interface Launch

The new reporting functionality is available to Group Administrators only. It enables the Group Admin to obtain detailed reports of the learning progress made by all Learners within a specified group.

The new module consists of two report types:

  • Leaning Progress Summary
  • Learning Progress Details
Other Improvements

All users that sign up to Camms.College using the self-register form can now access all learning activity types including Courses directly upon registration with no waiting time.

Moreover, all users will now receive module or product-specific Course Certificates from Camms.
They also have the option to self-enroll in a learning activity from the individual learning activity details page.

And finally, Group Administrators and Platform Administrators can now experience faster loading time on the Learning Directory module.

Resolved Issues

We have implemented a page direction on the “Forgot Password” screen. Users are now redirected to the Login screen once a new password has been set by the user.

Access our release notes for detailed information about the above-mentioned enhancements. We also encourage you to go through the Camms.College Help Guide to find out all the details about navigating the platform.

Camms.College Q1 (Jan-Mar) 2022 Product Walkthrough
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Camms.College Q1 Product Release Updates 2022
Liam Scanlon
Global Proposition Marketing Lead, Camms
Camms.College Q1 Product Release Updates 2022
Camms.College Q1 Product Release Updates 2022
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Camms.College Q1 Product Release Updates 2022