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Shaun Mahon

Global Practice Lead

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Date: March 09, 2023

We’ll soon be ready to unveil our newly evolved Camms.Risk platform!

Here is everything you need to know about our upcoming line-up of enhancements and functionalities.

We have been working hard to revamp our best-in-class GRC & Risk Management Platform ‘Camms.Risk’ with a series of brand-new performance enhancements based-on valued customer reviews and user feedback.

Not only has our team been busy rewriting entire parts of the solution using the latest enterprise technologies to implement front and backend framework upgrades to speed up the solution, but we have also taken care to add in dramatic improvements so you can configure and leverage Camms.Risk to increase efficiencies.

Users can expect major upgrades to Camms.Risk’s technical framework plus updates to the overall interface of the application to ensure users and administrators, can utilise a system which is more intuitive, flexible, configurable, and easy-to-use!

With much of the development completed, we will be moving into the formal release phase over the next few months.

Detailed communications for each customer will follow in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on your inbox and in-app notifications!

In the meantime, to get you ready for the newly evolved Camms.Risk solution, read on for a taste of what’s to come.

We Are Updating the Platform to

  • Upgrade the technical framework on which Camms.Risk is currently built on
  • Upgrade the interface to improve user experience
  • Improve functionality within the system
  • Improve scalability to increase users and record numbers
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Camms.Risk Evolved

Shaun Mahon

Global Practice Lead

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Why Upgrade?

Camms.Risk is currently built off .NET 4.7 framework using webforms and MVC. We commenced our highly anticipated platform modernisation initiative to upgrade our technology to;

  • Improve application performance & speed
  • Enhance user experience with a modernised user interface
  • Increase application stability by eliminating technical debt accumulated over the past decade
  • Increase application stability by upgrading to modern technology with the latest features offering a longer shelf life
Limitations of Current Architecture
What is Proposed?
Benefits of Proposed Architecture

Performance Comparison

Current Vs expected upgrade response times

Existing Upgrade
Login​ 5 seconds​ 2-3 seconds​
Risk Register​ ​ 5-7 seconds​ 1-2 seconds​
Risk Assessment ​ 5-10 seconds​ 1-2 seconds​
Risk Review ​ 5-7 seconds​ 1-2 seconds​
Risk Settings and Configuration ​ 3-4 seconds​ 1-2 seconds​

(The average time of the existing application is dependent on the data in each database. The upgraded application’s dependency on data or data load is comparatively negligible)

Notable Planned Enhancements Include:

  • Simplified record updating with New Quick Update Page
  • Introduction of additional Risk Types
  • Newly added multi-lingual capabilities
  • Improved history capture to allow for simplified auditing of record changes
  • Enhanced approval processes for controls, risk actions and risk reviews

Multiple Risk Registers and Risk Types

We are making identifying and categorising risk way more comprehensive! Our users will no longer be limited to just 4 risk registers and can now easily create multiple risk types and registers. Moving forward users can also build a holistic view of risk, based on certain risk types, actions and business areas, and effortlessly filter based on these categories. Plus, we made our settings more configurable to ensure heightened flexibility and usability.

Improved Register Configuration

Easily access standard templates when creating a new risk register or risk type, and further customise them to meet your specific requirements. The new risk type grouping will allow users to classify risk types into clusters to understand risk in specific areas.

Say goodbye to static registers where visibility was based on parameters. All newly created and grouped risk types will be displayed in a folder structure in the left-hand navigation panel for ease of use.

Quick Update Widget Enhancements

A key advantage of our Camms software is the ability to view quick update widgets to get an instant count of the number of risks, actions, tasks responsibilities, and more. With this evolved release these will be significantly more responsive and will update the widget count instantly as tasks are assigned or filters are added.

A detailed view pop up will provide more visibility of the information and a convenient progress update, while the addition of the enhance filter panel will allow users to view any applied filters. 

WCAG Compliant

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 provides a common definition for accessible content as a benchmark. Our previous application was only partially compliant, where high-priority issues were fixed, moving forward our revamped application will be fully WCAG compliant!

Multiple Languages

For customers with operations in different countries, we will be offering multilingual capabilities to enable users across multiple sites and regions to customise any system-defined (Static labels) and user-defined labels (dynamic labels) to be displayed in their required language.

Available languages: French, German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Chinese and Chinese (Traditional) Legacy, Japanese.  

Flexible Field Configuration Settings

A series of updates to the Field Configuration Setting will offer users the flexibility to rename assessment tabs per risk type, rearrange the order of the assessment tabs according to the order per risk type, and display or hide tabs apart from the inherent assessment tab per risk type.

Users will also have the ability to change the sequence of fields displayed within the Risk Details page, by simply entering the sequence number where they wish to display the field.

Risk Confidentiality

With our upcoming revamp, risk confidentiality is no longer a blanket setting and is set to be an extended feature where risk confidentiality can be figured risk type-wise.

Upgrades to Linkage Functionality

There have been significant user interface and user experience upgrades, linkages are no-longer limited to 10 entities and linkage tabs in other modules will facilitate the linking of all risk types.

Improved Login Page

Apart from a brand-new look and feel, we will show/hide the password icon so you can view what password you have entered, and we are introducing clearer error messages for incorrectly typed logins and passwords.

Expanded Consequence and Likelihood Descriptions

Users will have the ability to add unique consequences and likelihoods for every risk type, whereas with the previous application consequence and likelihood descriptions were common across all risk types.

More Room on Screen

To give you more room to view things on screen, the risk settings panel will be collapsible while some of the lengthy page descriptions on the risk settings pages will be shown as short previews which can be clicked and expanded only when needed.

New Pop-Up Windows

Adding or editing new risks, risk categories, risk types, risk ratings, risk treatments & actions, and rating calculations, will now be displayed in a separate popup window for easier viewing. Users will also be able to delete risks and risk types from the popup windows providing they are not associated with any other record. If there are some linkages, an error message will display the list of associations the risk type has. You will also be able to edit ‘risk review frequency’ in this same popup format.

Enhanced Filtering

Filter icons will appear in many tables, enabling users to enter specific values to filter lists. In fields that require a status, you can turn that status on or off without clicking into the record using the new ‘toggle’ functionality.

Enhanced Risk Assessment Functionality

Users will be able to rename ‘assessment tabs’ and change the order. They can also click to hide the risk assessment table – making the risk assessment area much more user-friendly.

Improved Risk & Audit Trail Reports

The risk register report and risk heatmap reports will include heightened functionality to categorise confidential risks and log initial causes and consequences – and they will calculate an aggregated risk rating. Risk appetite ratings, KPIs and incident & action records can also be viewed from the new and improved heatmap report. While the risk audit trail report will now show the risk review tab, likelihood & consequence metrics, as well as action type and owner.

Custom Lists

As well as an improved user interface in this area of the tool, custom links will no longer be limited to 10 fields for the entire application, instead ten custom lists are provided for each page in the workflow.

Easy Hierarchy Structure Configuration

With our previous application, configuring hierarchy structures was limited to only populating the main organisation hierarchy. Now you can easily configure the hierarchy structures to be loaded to the hierarchy field on the risk details page.

New Hierarchy Cross-filtering

Moving forward multi-select hierarchy tree filter will replace the existing single-select hierarchy tree filter which will allow users to select multiple hierarchy nodes across the hierarchy structure – this will apply to Executive Intelligence, Heatmaps, and Dashboards.

Additionally, a multi-select dropdown will also replace a single-select hierarchy allowing for multiple selections.

Search Option in Dropdowns

The introduction of several dropdown fields will include a search option at the top of the dropdown – where users can key in the value they are looking for and select accordingly.

Suggestive Texts in Fields

Some fields will allow suggested text options to be configured when users key in values if and when a value already exists, allowing it to filter down and select the same value or change it to a value you wish.

EIS/ Dashboards/Heatmap Dashboard

With our previous application, the Heatmap Dashboard was located within the risk analysis and EIS Dashboard and Heatmap Dashboard, with filters limited to the four risk types.

Moving forward the Heatmap Dashboard will be included as a new menu item below the Dashboard while data sources and permissions will be changed to Overview/ Risk and Actions. Additionally, users will be able to better control Dashboard Settings with permissions – this includes cross-hierarchy filtering while EIS filters will be dynamic based on configuration needs.

Stay Tuned!

We are passionate about our platform staying ahead of the technology curve and are thrilled to be offering these enhancements to our customers. We value your feedback, and we are delighted to have been able to incorporate so many requests into this new release. We hope Camms.Risk Evolved showcases how we are looking ahead and future proofing our solutions in line with evolving global technologies to protect your business interests.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

If you are keen to learn more about what’s in store for Camms.Risk, and see this fantastic new release in action, please register for our detailed product walkthrough and live Q&A, with Global Practice Lead, Shaun Mahon.

Shaun Mahon
Global Practice Lead