Camms.Project Administration Training Course

Elevate your role with our Camms.Project course, tailored for administrators and aiming to enhance your project management skills. This course dives deep into tailoring the platform to your organisation's needs, optimising workforce management, and mastering administrative functions. Gain practical knowledge and skills essential for navigating complex projects, driving efficient oversight, and aligning work with company-wide goals.

Discover cutting-edge tools and techniques that encourage critical thinking and innovation, empowering you to implement personalisation and automation strategies effectively. This comprehensive training not only equips you with theoretical insights but also prepares you for real-world application, ensuring you're well-versed in the platform's most sought-after skills.

Complete the course to emerge as a proficient Camms.Project administrator, capable of leveraging your new capabilities to bring clarity, impact, and success to your projects.

Camms.Project Administration Training Course
Certificate Status
Certificate Included
Camms.Project Administration Training Course
3.5 Hours
Camms.Project Administration Training Course
Learning Outcomes
Administrative User Training
Solution Overview
Implement organisational strategy, measure performance, and pursue shared objectives
Camms.Project Administration Training Course
Meet the Instructor
Expert-led training on solution functionality, best practices, and common use cases
Learning Objectives
Structured courses that provide an introductory understanding and drive effective retention
Course Curriculum
Explore the course structure and scope that will guide your learning experience
Welcome and Course Overview

This lesson introduces the Camms.Project Administrator Training Course, outlining its structure and objectives to give you a clear understanding of what the course entails and the key skills and knowledge you will gain in project management as an administrator, using the Camms.Project software.

Lesson 1 - Introduction to Camms.Project

Unlock Camms.Project’s full potential through our essential module. Explore core administrative features, build foundational knowledge, and apply insights to revolutionise project management. Begin your path to expertise and significantly impact your projects.


  • 1.1 Overview of Camms.Project Administration
Lesson 2 - Navigation of Project Settings and Workflows

This module teaches you how to navigate Camms.Project’s administrative functions with ease and make the most of its features. Learn to move smoothly between project settings and workflows, enhancing your ability to manage and oversee projects effectively.

Modules :

  • 2.1 Overview of Project Settings
  • 2.2 Overview of Project Workflows
Lesson 3: System User Management

Dive into how Staff Access and User Access work in Camms.Project, making it simpler to understand and manage user permissions within the system.

Modules :

  • 3.1 Managing Staff Access
  • 3.2 Managing User Access
Lesson 4 - Project Settings

In this course section, you’ll learn to master the Project Settings, your central hub for all project configurations in the system. You’ll gain the ability to precisely adjust user access and permissions, ensuring your project management is as tailored and efficient as possible. This knowledge empowers you to enhance team collaboration and customise your projects to fit your team’s unique needs.

Modules :

  • 4.1 Project Types & Project Codes
  • 4.2 Project Positions
  • 4.3 Managing drop-down lists
  • 4.4 System Settings
  • 4.5 Calendar Access
  • 4.6 Email Notifications
Lesson 5 - Project Workflows

In this section of the course, you’ll explore managing project activities using methods like agile, interactive, incremental, and phased approaches. You’ll learn to define customised workflows, enabling you to align any project type with the most suitable project management process. This skill is vital for adapting to different project demands, ensuring your management approach is both flexible and effective.

Modules :

  • 5.1 Overview of the Project workflows
  • 5.2 Adding New Workflows
  • 5.3 Workflow Objects
    • 5.3.1: Key Concepts of the Workflow
    • 5.3.2: Adding Phases
    • 5.3.3: Adding Objects and Configuring Fields of an object
    • 5.3.4: Mapping Data
    • 5.3.5: Visibility conditions and Enablement conditions
  • 5.4 Duplicating Workflows
  • 5.5 Hub Configuration
Lesson 6 - Register Configuration

In this part of the course, you’ll dive into mastering register configurations, covering essential areas like Project Register View, Project Portfolio View, and Budget Register View. By understanding how to navigate and utilise these views, you’ll enhance your project tracking, portfolio management, and budget oversight capabilities. This will enable you to make smarter decisions and manage your resources more effectively.

Modules :

  • 6.1 The Project Register View
  • 6.2 The Project Portfolio View
  • 6.3 The Budget Register View
Lesson 7 - Knowledge Base and Support

In our last lesson, get cozy with the Camms.Project support world, where you’ll find a wealth of resources at your fingertips. We’ll cover everything from detailed guides for DIY learning to custom support just for you, all to make your learning experience richer.

Modules :

  • Understanding self-help resources
  • Exploring direct support options
  • Engaging in professional networking opportunities

Put your Camms.Project knowledge and skills to the test with our interactive assessment! Successfully completing this challenge not only proves your proficiency but also earns you a certification in Camms.Project Administration. Jump right in, use what you’ve learned, and take your first step towards official recognition.

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