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About Camms Reporting Hub

The Reporting Hub caters to all your reporting needs; from creating or customising new reports to modifying existing ones. We specialise in presenting complex data through engaging dashboards using various reporting techniques, be it Microsoft Power BI, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) or by utilising the unique capabilities of Camms.Insights, Camms.Engage, or Camms.Connect. Our Reporting Agents are dedicated to ensuring your unique requirements are met and delivered, on time.

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Camms Report Library

Explore a wide range of pre-built report templates that can be customised to suit your organisation’s unique requirements.

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Official Partner of Microsoft PowerBI

Customers subscribing to our Camms.Connect solution, now have easy access to our out-of-the-box, off the shelf Risk and Incident dashboards through PowerBI.

What does this mean for you? You no longer need to slog through manually building dashboards yourself, instead you can now be up and running with the latest dashboards in just days. Dashboards will offer you an aggregated view of different incident types, as well as linkages to related risks, projects and compliance authority documents.

Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your current incident reporting capabilities before the financial year draws to a close. Speak to a Camms.Connect + PowerBI consultant now!

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The Reporting Hub:
Simplifying Your Reporting Processes

With the Reporting Hub, not only do you get access to a whole library of pre-built report templates but direct access to a dedicated team of Virtual Reporting Agents (VRAs) who can help you build brand new reports or customise existing templates whilst offering professional support for all your reporting needs. Want to know more? Keep reading to find out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Reporting Agents create, customise and modify all reports related to Camms products (Camms.Project, Camms.Strategy, Camms.Risk, Camms.Talent). You can also refer to the Sample Report Library for all Reports that are available.
SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services)
Power BI
Insights reports are created using Camms.Insights, which allows you to design your own reports easily with added flexibility, using the data entered into your Camms Product Suite. You can also use the drag and drop interface to create your own reports based on actions, measures, projects, risks, audits and incidents regardless of technical ability.

SSRS also known as “SQL Server Reporting Services” Reports, are developed using Microsoft SQL Server Services by Camms Reporting Agents. These reports can be formatted with tables, graphs, images and charts and developed to best suit your specific needs.

Power BI is a collection of software services, apps, and connectors that work together to turn your unrelated sources of data into visually immersive, and interactive dashboard(s). Power BI lets you easily connect to your data sources, visualise (or discover) what is important, and share that with anyone you want.

Below represents the differences between the three reporting techniques.

Description Insights SSRS Power BI
Ability to build own custom reports
Handling complex reports
Well printed paginated report (printable and export to a readable format)
Interactive dashboards (with limitations)
You can always refer to the Sample Report Library to find the most suitable report and request for a Reporting Agent to activate the selected report(s) in your environment.
Generally, once a report request is submitted by you, Reporting Agents will assess and check the feasibility of developing the reports via Insights, SSRS or Power BI and proposes the best option to you. You can also refer to the table below to select the best option.

Description Insights SSRS Power BI
Ability to build own custom reports
Handling complex reports
Well printed paginated report (printable and export to a readable format)
Interactive dashboards (with limitations)
All report deliveries run through a queue on a First-In-First-Out basis, so all deliveries will be scheduled according to the queue. Wireframes and specifications which are signed-off will be taken into the queue on the above First-In-First-Out basis.
On Insights – Once a wireframe and hours are confirmed by the client, a delivery date is provided to the client. Once developments and testing are complete, a Reporting Agent contacts the client and informs them about the delivery.

On SSRS and Power BI – Once the specification and hours are confirmed by the client, a delivery date is provided to the client. Here too, once developments and testing are complete, a Reporting Agent will get in touch with the client to inform them about delivery.
The Service Hours widget on your Camms.College Dashboard displays the hours utilisation of your Camms.College subscription. Contact to become a Camms.College Group Administrator and avail this feature. Alternatively, contact the Reporting Hub Team to find out your remaining hours.
All information within the Camms Reporting Hub, as well as information submitted and sent by the Reporting Agents follow the Camms standard security policies. For a detailed idea of these security policies, you can visit the Camms Trust Centre page.
You can schedule a meeting with a Reporting Agent by using our booking platform and from there, communications will be done through email (before or after the meeting).
You can email a Reporting Agent to check on the feasibility of modifying a report or log a ticket through our Helpdesk.
Clients can send an email to regarding their request(s) and a Reporting Agent will get back to you.
You can book a training session by selecting a Reporting Agent and scheduling a meeting using the booking platform.

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