Let’s Talk Risk Appetite
Panel Discussion
Let’s Talk Risk Appetite
Duration: 60 Minutes
Let’s Talk Risk Appetite
Merline Denis Barrington
Manager Enterprise Risk Management, Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

By simply being in business you are automatically exposed to a myriad of risks. But what are the residual risks you are prepared to tolerate? What are the calculated risks that you want to take in order to grow the business and which risks could be detrimental to the business and must be mitigated at all costs?

Join this webinar to hear from a panel of female enterprise risk leaders as they discuss risk appetite. They will reveal the key risks facing their organisations and share what metrics they use to define their risk tolerance. Find out how they structure their risk management framework to ensure their organisation is operating within the defined thresholds whilst enabling calculated risk-taking in scenarios where the opportunity outweighs the risk.

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Let’s Talk Risk Appetite
Let’s Talk Risk Appetite
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Let’s Talk Risk Appetite