Risk Aggregation using Camms.Risk
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Risk Aggregation using Camms.Risk
Duration: 30 Minutes
Risk Aggregation using Camms.Risk
Shaun Mahon
Head of Product; GRC, Camms

Join Shaun Mahon, Global Practice Lead at Camms to learn more about Risk Aggregation and the common use cases in identifying and managing risks in an organisation. Explore how you can utilise reporting capabilities on Risk Aggregation within Camms.Risk to identify/track risks, monitor performance and communicate outcomes to stakeholders.

The webinar discusses the process of analysing risks to assess their overall impact on an organisation. The webinar also includes a demonstration of Risk Aggregation, which would allow a better understanding of what it really is and how it can be applied within Camms.Risk to effectively assess risks across your organisation.

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Risk Aggregation using Camms.Risk
Risk Aggregation using Camms.Risk
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Risk Aggregation using Camms.Risk