The Value of GRC : A Boardroom Perspective
Guest Speaker Session
The Value of GRC : A Boardroom Perspective
Duration: 60 Minutes
The Value of GRC : A Boardroom Perspective
Todd Davies
Best practice advisor, Audit and Risk Committee Chair

Todd Davies is an outcomes-driven advisor, coach, and non-executive. He works in the areas of governance, risk, and assurance – with a particular focus on the interplay between boards, audit, and risk committees, the executive team, and specialist risk as well as assurance teams that support them – as an Audit and Risk Committee (ARC) chair across education, health, infrastructure, and transport. He is also an advisor on audit and risk best practices for large, listed companies in Australia and abroad.

In this session, Todd spoke from the perspective of the hot seat, which is the role of the ARC Chair. He shared insights on how those roles worked, the challenges in performing those roles, and how risk and assurance teams could assist. He also shared insights from working with around 20 companies a year. for the last 15 years, on what worked and what didn’t, along with practical tips and conceptual models to help organisations and stakeholders find those 1% tweaks that make the biggest impact.

His out-of-the-box thinking provided perspective on interesting questions such as “What does the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy have to do with best practice risk reporting?” and “Attributes of the good, bad, ugly and great models of ARC best practice”.

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The Value of GRC : A Boardroom Perspective
The Value of GRC : A Boardroom Perspective
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The Value of GRC : A Boardroom Perspective