Camms.Project Q1 Product Release Update 2021
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Reading Time : 5 Mins
Published Date : May 27, 2021
Last Updated : August 13, 2021

Our product walkthrough for the month of May 2021 dives into the upgrades made to the Camms.Project solution within the last quarter. While we’ve captured only the most significant feature updates here, you can review the full list of updates in our  release notes.

New Enhancements Made to Camms.Project You Should Know About.

1. Percent Complete Column in the Project Register

This feature introduces the ‘Percent Complete’ column which has been added to both the ‘Portfolio Hierarchy View’ and ‘List View’ in the project register, to showcase the progress of a project.

2. Introducing New Field Types in the Custom Object to Add More Flexibility in Configurations

More flexibility has now been provided to you when configuring Custom Objects (1st tab) with the introduction of the following new custom fields.

  • 10 custom numeric fields
  • 10 custom single-line text fields
  • 10 custom staff lists
  • 10 custom multi-select lists

3. Improvements to the Reference Object

A back button in the child and referenced project tabs have been introduced to simplify navigation back to the parent project, along with a host of new filters for the referenced projects tab.

4. Configure the Visibility of the Risk Review Tab

This feature enables administrators to configure the visibility of the Risk Review tab in the Risk Workflow. Once the Review tab is hidden, all risk review related information will not be visible throughout the application.

You can access our  release notes to find in-depth, step-by-step details of the latest updates made to Camms.Project. Don’t forget to watch our  Product Walkthrough where the former Head of Product Strategy, Chathuranga Sumanasekera takes you through a comprehensive explanation of the upgrade too.

Camms.Project Q1 (Jan-Mar) 2021 Product Walkthrough
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Camms.Project Q1 Product Release Update 2021
Chathuranga Sumanasekera
Head of Product Strategy, Camms
Camms.Project Q1 Product Release Update 2021
Camms.Project Q1 Product Release Update 2021
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Camms.Project Q1 Product Release Update 2021