Virtual Consulting: The Key to Turn Your Business Strategy into Reality
Lachlan Collins
Chief Customer Officer, Camms
5 Mins
Date : September 3, 2021
Last Updated : May 31, 2023

With the pandemic challenging organisations to evaluate the need for physical operations, remote working and virtual services have gained the spotlight like never before. What used to entail travelling, boardroom meetings, and presenting to crowded rooms, has now transitioned to online calls, masked faces, and adapting to the normalcy of the new business landscape. Against this backdrop, how would the services of virtual consulting benefit your organisation? Keep reading to find out.

As this global shift in working culture continues to bring unprecedented challenges to the smooth running of business operations, we at Camms are committed to continuously supporting our customers in every way that we can. Interestingly, Covid 19 served as a catalyst in accelerating the Camms Virtual Consulting service, which has since become an invaluable source of collaboration and a knowledge-sharing hub for our customers, regardless of the physical location.

Through our Virtual Consulting services, we provide you with subject matter expertise on best practice use of your Camms solutions. We aim to bridge any gaps in technical product expertise to ensure your product vision delivers strong ROI and the desired business outcomes for your organisation. Keep reading to uncover:

What Does a Camms Consultant Do?

Simply put, our consultants are experts in the Camms solution suite who translates their expertise into guidance that your businesses can leverage for growth.

With integrated solutions in risk, strategy, projects, and people, our business software provides out-of-the-box solutions with rapid deployment options to meet your business needs. But we also appreciate that the requirements of your organisations are unique and require custom implementations to meet your specific business requirements.

At Camms, our consultants assist organisations to implement corporate strategy, governance, risk and compliance frameworks as well as project management standards every day. With experience spanning nearly three decades, you can be sure that our consultants know exactly how to help you make the right decisions, manage risks, align the talents of your organisation, and focus on what matters.

How Can Camms Consultants Help You?

Our subject matter experts are geared to support you in several business areas including:

Solution Ideation

  • Devising innovative solutions to your unique requirements.
  • Structuring and translating your requirements to technical implementations.

Business Case

  • Valuing TCO and proposing ways to optimise it.
  • Estimating the expected ROI of your Camms solution.

Solution Management

  • Scoping solution features to get an advantage on the market.
  • Defining Out of The Box (OOTB) functionality and best practice guidance.
  • Deciding on a customisation and integration approach.

Strategic Planning

  • Guiding your solution roadmap and rollout plan.
  • Providing user adoption strategy.
Type of Consultants at Camms

Camms Consultants specialise in various areas of expertise, so it’s important to know who you need to get in touch with. Here’s an overview of who our consultants are, and their areas of expertise.

Product Specialists hold expert knowledge of the Camms software suite including solution settings, configuration options, and functionality. These consultants are able to guide you through the entire system without a hitch.

Subject Matter Experts have an in-depth knowledge of their specialised subject fields relative to the different Camms software solutions including risk management, project management, and strategic business planning.

Integration Specialists possess invaluable knowledge of the connections between your Camms software solution and other business systems, including finance, human resources, performance data, information, and analytics.

Report Writing Specialists are highly skilled to meet your reporting needs conducted through SSRS, Camms.Insights and Business Intelligence reporting formats.

Customer Success Consultants provide you with holistic software and services-based solutions that are most suitable for your business needs. These locally based, dedicated consultants also act as a central point of contact for your organisation for any inquiries you may have.

Implementation Specialists engage with consultants and Project Managers to set up and configure your Camms solution. They are also responsible for user acceptance testing and other reporting functionalities you may have.

How to Get in Touch with a Camms Consultant

Our consultants are easily accessible and provide the support you need to reach any goal. With a few easy steps, you can pick a consultant, schedule a meeting, and gain access to expert advice. All you need to do is:

Be a Camms.College customer – if not, sign-up today and let’s talk!

Already a Camms.College customer? Use your allocation of Virtual Consulting Hours to book a meeting. Watch the video below and find out how.


With the launch of Camms.College 2.0 on 27th May 2023, we’re excited to offer users direct access to a variety of specialised consultants through our newly integrated Virtual Consulting page. This updated feature combines the functions of our previous Virtual Reporting and the Reporting Hub, uniting them under a single, streamlined service on the Virtual Consulting page. This consolidation ensures a more efficient, comprehensive consulting experience for our users.

If you still have questions regarding our Virtual Consulting services, you can always send us a direct message and a member of our team will be in touch via email.

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Virtual Consulting: The Key to Turn Your Business Strategy into Reality
Jack Flynn
Head of Product; Project & Strategy, Camms
Virtual Consulting: The Key to Turn Your Business Strategy into Reality
Manesha Jayasooriya
Global Head of Product Enablement, Camms
Virtual Consulting: The Key to Turn Your Business Strategy into Reality
Kisholi Mendis
Senior Solutions Consultant, Camms
Virtual Consulting: The Key to Turn Your Business Strategy into Reality
Abdarrahman Sadurdeen
Global Product Consultant, Camms
Virtual Consulting: The Key to Turn Your Business Strategy into Reality
Virtual Consulting: The Key to Turn Your Business Strategy into Reality
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Virtual Consulting: The Key to Turn Your Business Strategy into Reality