Camms.Project Q2 Product Release Update 2021
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Published Date : August 13, 2021
Last Updated : August 24, 2021

The August product walkthrough dives into Camms.Project and its latest upgrades. Keep reading to find out what the upgrades are and how you can use them, and if you need in-depth information, you can read through our  release notes.

Microsoft Teams and Planner Integration

Camms.Project has now integrated with Tasks by Planner (accessed via Microsoft Teams) to provide project managers with the ability to synchronise tasks in a project plan. With this integration, Task Owners can simply make their updates via Microsoft Teams, which will automatically flow back into the task plan in Camms.Project.

Column Auto-Mapping Functionality in Data Upload Wizard in Custom Table

The ‘Data Mapping’ step in the Data Upload Wizard in the Custom table has been enhanced to automatically map data between the Custom Table and Excel to be uploaded. This in turn will not require you to map the columns manually each time you upload data into the Custom Table.

Enhanced Project Master Report to Showcase the Activated New Fields within Custom Objects

The Project Master Report is now capable of displaying these new field types activated within custom objects of the system. The report will showcase new fields based on visibility and order within the configuration page. These fields within the report will display an empty space if data is not added to the system.

  • Single-Line Text Fields
  • Numeric Fields
  • Multi-Select Dropdown Fields
  • Staff List Fields

Access our  release notes  for comprehensive information on the latest enhancements made to Camms.Project. You can also watch our  webinar  with the former Head of Product Strategy at Camms, Chathuranga Sumanasekera, for a step-by-step breakdown of the upgrade.

Camms.Project Q2 (Apr-Jun) 2021 Product Walkthrough
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Camms.Project Q2 Product Release Update 2021
Chathuranga Sumanasekera
Head of Product Strategy, Camms
Camms.Project Q2 Product Release Update 2021
Camms.Project Q2 Product Release Update 2021
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Camms.Project Q2 Product Release Update 2021