Camms.Project Q4 Product Release Update 2021
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Published Date : February 25, 2022
Last Updated : March 2, 2022

This blog dives into the enhancements released for Camms.Project during Q4 (October-December) of 2021. Keep reading to find out what the updates are and how you can utilise them to better manage your organisation’s processes. If you need in-depth information on the enhancements, you may access our release notes.

Introducing Additional Single-Select Dropdown Lists in the Details Object

More flexibility has now been provided to you when configuring fields in the Details object with the introduction of five new single-select dropdown lists.

Permitting Any Staff Member to Be the Primary Responsible Person for Project Risks

You now have the option to set any staff member in your organisation to be the Primary Risk Owner for project risks. Previously, the primary risk owner was limited to the project board and team members.

Viewing Additional Budget Details within the Project Register

With this feature, we have now introduced the ability to view budget fields such as Budget YTD, Actual YTD, Variance, Variance %, and Current Year Budget Performance, which are currently available in the Implementation Budget object as columns in the Project Register.

Assigning Another Staff Member as the Project Owner when a Project is Duplicated

You can now set another staff member as the Project Owner when a project is duplicated. Previously, when a project was duplicated, the Project Owner of the duplicated project was the same as the Project Owner of the original project; while you had to manually update the Project Owner through the Details object once the project was duplicated.

Having a Two-Way Link Between Referenced Projects

With this feature, we have introduced a two-way linkage to link projects to each other. Previously, the Referenced Projects functionality in the Reference object was a surface-level linkage between two projects.

That’s all for now! For detailed information on the above enhancements, access our release notes.

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Camms.Project Q4 Product Release Update 2021
Jack Flynn
Head of Product; Project & Strategy, Camms
Camms.Project Q4 Product Release Update 2021
Camms.Project Q4 Product Release Update 2021
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Camms.Project Q4 Product Release Update 2021