Camms.Risk Incident Management Q1 Product Release Update 2022
Shaun Mahon
Head of Product; GRC, Camms
Reading Time : 5 Mins
Published Date : May 18, 2022
Last Updated : May 18, 2022

This blog dives into the new features released for Camms.Risk Incident Management (mobile) during Q1 (Jan-Mar) of 2022. Keep reading to find out what the modifications are and how you can utilise them to optimise your risk management processes. If you need in-depth information, you may access our release notes.

Getting Started

Our latest version of the Camms Incident mobile application features a completely new and modernised user interface designed with simplicity and clarity in mind. Camms Incident mobile application delivers a new user experience and refines many aspects of a user’s day-to-day interaction. As we continue to build this next-generation platform, this redesign sets the stage for further improvements in our upcoming releases.

Revamped User Interface and User Experience

With the Camms Incident mobile app revamp, we have introduced a modernised colour palette, new fonts, and refined icons for a better user experience. Listed below are some of these changes:

  • The app has been updated with new and clearer fonts and icons.
  • The background of the app has been updated to a modern blue and white background.
  • The app button icons and button text have been changed, making it easier to be identified.
  • Navigation icons have been changed in the app to provide more clarity on its functionality, making it more distinct from each other and easier to identify the different registers.
Fingerprint and Face Recognition Login Capabilities Terminology

A new section in the settings area now lets you enable biometric options within the application. Please access the settings area after you log in to the app to setup biometric login for your next.

This allows you to initially authenticate yourself with the preferred biometric option (Fingerprint or Face Recognition), and thereafter continue using the selected biometric authentication method each time you log in to the application.

Multiple Registers

You now have the ability to navigate through multiple registers via tabs at the top of the screen.

Support for Extended Flexible Organization Structure and Hierarchies

This new update lets you select all hierarchy levels, as in the Camms.Risk Incident Management solution..

Adding Documents, Links, and Actions against Existing Fields

As with the Camms.Risk Incident Management Solution, you are now given the option to add Documents, Links, and Actions to individual fields in the Camms Incident Mobile Application as well.

Additional Staff Information to be displayed for the Incident Reported By field

With this update, the field ‘Reported By’ would display additional information in a new window when tapped on, in regard to the officer that reported the incident.

Create Incident Drafts

This new update lets you create an incident and save it as a draft copy by tapping on the new draft icon.

That’s all for now! For detailed information on the above enhancements, access our release notes.

Camms.Risk Incident Management Q1 (Jan-March) 2022 Product Walkthrough
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Camms.Risk Incident Management Q1 Product Release Update 2022
Shaun Mahon
Head of Product; GRC, Camms
Camms.Risk Incident Management Q1 Product Release Update 2022
Camms.Risk Incident Management Q1 Product Release Update 2022
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Camms.Risk Incident Management Q1 Product Release Update 2022