Camms.Risk Reimagined V4.0 Release
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Published Date : June 3, 2021
Last Updated : June 3, 2021

We are delighted to announce the latest release of Camms.Risk V4.0. This latest version features a completely revamped and modernised user interface designed with simplicity and clarity in mind. It covers all modules of Camms.Risk, including Risk, Audit, Incident, Compliance and our new Survey and Assessments capability. Here’s a quick overview of what the release is about:

It delivers a new user experience and refines many aspects of a user’s day-to-day interaction with the solution. It provides clarity on what your users should be doing, where they can go next and makes it easier to locate items within the user interface. As we continue to build out this next-generation platform, this redesign also sets the stage for further improvements in our upcoming releases. This upgrade includes a host of new features including our brand-new survey questionnaire module designed to streamline control and obligation assessments.

This new version will launch as part of our planned quarterly release and be available to all customers on our public and private clouds by 5th July 2021. An early-access version of this release (along with the release notes) will be deployed to your Test and Train Environments by 21st June 2021 allowing you to view the new changes.

Some of the user interface improvements include:

Updated UI Theme

We have introduced a modernised colour palette, new fonts, refined icons and table/grid colour and formatting options.

Page Header

The page header section has been simplified, reducing the space taken up by Camms.Risk logo and providing more prominence to your organisation’s title or logo.

Quick Access Navigation Panel

The quick access left-hand navigation panel has a revamped new look, along with completely new icons that make it easier to distinguish different registers at a glance.

Page Tab Improvements

Page tabs will now be frozen when scrolling down, making it easy for you to know where you are and to navigate to other tabs.

Page Layout Improvements

Placement of fields and field labels have been adjusted to reduce gaps and optimise layout to provide an improved visual flow on each page.

Clarity for Function Buttons

Common function icon buttons at the top of a page are now converted into buttons with text and an icon, providing users with instant clarity on the purpose of each button.

Improved Next/Previous Navigation

The next/previous buttons at the bottom of pages, especially in our Incident and Compliance workflows, are now equipped with better visual cues (including the name of the next tab) and they are anchored visually as a footer..

Streamlined Assessments and Questionnaires

This new version of Camms.Risk includes our brand new Survey module, which enables you to build a range of customisable surveys and questionnaires. These can be mapped to controls and utilised for Risk-Control Self Assessments (RCSAs) or leveraged to assess how well a compliance obligation is being managed, by obtaining feedback from relevant individuals. This centralised module means assessments can be easily managed across your risk framework and reused across many different use cases.

With our Survey module, you can:

View responses from individuals and export answers for a more detailed analysis.

This module is available as an add-on purchase, contact your Customer Success Manager if you are interested to find out more about how this capability can add value to your GRC framework.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive breakdown on the module, join Chathuranga Samarasekera – Head of Product Strategy on our Monthly Product Walkthrough webinar where he takes you through all the improvements made to Camms.Risk as per the latest release.

We hope you are as excited about the release as we are. We are always interested to hear what you think and would welcome the dialogue to be shared via your Customer Success Manager, so get in touch and help us to keep evolving to meet your needs. For more information about the benefits of this release, read our Quarterly Release Note.

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Camms.Risk Reimagined V4.0 Release
Chathuranga Sumanasekera
Head of Product Strategy, Camms
Camms.Risk Reimagined V4.0 Release
Camms.Risk Reimagined V4.0 Release
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Camms.Risk Reimagined V4.0 Release