Camms.Strategy Q1 Product Release Update 2022
Jack Flynn
Head of Product; Project & Strategy, Camms
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Date : April 21, 2022
Last Updated : April 21, 2022

This blog dives into the enhancements released for Camms.Strategy during Q1 (January-March) of 2022 along with key features from previous releases. Keep reading to find out what the updates are and how you can utilise them to measure ongoing business performance and better execute your organisation’s strategy. If you need in-depth information on the enhancements, you may access our release notes.

Filtering Actions and KPIs Using Tags within the Executive Builder

This enhancement lets you filter Actions and KPIs using tags when adding them to an Executive Report via the Executive Builder area. This provides organisations with the ability to create tailored reports within the Executive Report Builder on a wide range of reporting frameworks.

Overall Performance Calculation of Scorecards

The logic of calculating the overall performance of a scorecard has been corrected such that the individual performance of KPIs/Scorecards that are linked to the parent scorecard does not contribute a negative value. If the weighted performance of a linked KPI/Scorecard is negative, its contribution to the parent scorecard is considered as 0 (zero).

Introducing an Updated Executive Report

Our new Standard Executive Report features a brand-new look-and-feel, with our new Camms user interface designs, redesigned content sections, and extended report filters. As an Executive Report, this primarily runs based on Reports that you create within the ‘Executive > Build’ area of Camms.Strategy.

Viewing the Number of Days since Last Login

This enhancement lets users with Administrator permission view the number of days since the last login of each user.

Viewing Linked KPIs from An Action

This enhancement lets you view linked KPIs within the Links tab of an Action. Previously, customers were able to perform the linkage but not visualize.

New KPI Summary Report

This new KPI Summary Report includes the KPI Summary (target and actual) details, together with the KPI status and the latest KPI Progress Comment for a given period of time.

Enhancements to the Standard Organisational Performance Report

The standard Organisational Performance Report has been enhanced to display Baseline Start and Baseline End Dates, together with the existing Start and End Dates, available within the Camms system in the Action Summary section. You can filter the report content using both dates. Furthermore, you now have the ability to control the visibility of the Trend column in the KPI Summary section.

That’s all for now! For detailed information on the above enhancements, access our release notes.

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Camms.Strategy Q1 Product Release Update 2022
Jack Flynn
Head of Product; Project & Strategy, Camms
Camms.Strategy Q1 Product Release Update 2022
Camms.Strategy Q1 Product Release Update 2022
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Camms.Strategy Q1 Product Release Update 2022