Get to Know the Camms Community
Manesha Jayasooriya
Global Head of Product Enablement, Camms
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Published Date : November 23, 2022
Last Updated : November 23, 2022

An open-source of information, a learning portal and a networking system all in one, the Community was built exclusively for Camms users. Read this blog to find out what the Camms Community is all about and how it benefits you.

Camms Community: peer-to-peer networking to accelerate business success.

Exclusive for Camms Customers

Camms Community: peer-to-peer networking to accelerate business success.

The Camms Community brings together Camms users from various industries and their expertise in leveraging our solutions to create the ultimate peer-to-peer, knowledge-sharing portal.

Our own Camms Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will be available to help answer your questions and stay up to speed on your Camms product’s capabilities.

Here’s How We Address Your Challenges Through the Community

Exclusive for Camms Customers
This online Community gives you direct access to Camms experts, webinar moderators and other knowledgeable peers. Why? So you can ask questions, send us your burning questions to be taken up during webinars, come back to see the answers to queries you raised during an event, or even become a contributor by sharing your knowledge and answering any questions raised by your peers!

Save Your Time
You can engage with Camms experts and other Camms users to learn how to make the most of your Camms solution. Stay updated on the latest Camms product releases by browsing through and joining our product spaces.

Learn from Experienced Users
Strike up a conversation and engage in eye-opening discussions with other Camms users to learn about their Camms journey. This way, you can steer clear of common errors!

Boost Your Innovation
Engaging with like-minded professionals will inspire you to review your business initiatives, test your thinking, solve problems, share ideas and boost innovation.

Moderated by Camms.College to ensure you receive an all-encompassing learning, sharing and networking experience, you can expect to see information on:

  • Upcoming events
  • Post-event key takeaways
  • Industry news and buzzing topics
  • Value-adding tips by Camms experts
  • Visibility on upcoming product releases
  • New Camms publications like blogs, whitepapers, Ebooks and more
How to Log In to the Camms Community

It’s simple. All you have to do is:

  • Log in to the Camms.College Learning Experience Platform.
  • Click on “Community” on the top navigation panel.

Visit Community

We encourage you to join the product spaces relevant to you (eg: Camms.Risk/Camms.Project, etc) for a filtered and product specific experience.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us at or send it through the Community!

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Get to Know the Camms Community
Dakshitha Gunasekera
Senior Global Product Enablement Manager, Camms
Get to Know the Camms Community
Get to Know the Camms Community
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Get to Know the Camms Community