Harnessing the Power of Microlearning for Quick and Efficient Learning
Manesha Jayasooriya
Global Head of Product Enablement, Camms
7 Mins
Date : June 29, 2023
Last Updated : December 01, 2023

Remember the last time you were buried under heaps of training material, struggling to make sense of it all? In our fast-paced world, conventional learning often feels overwhelming and, frankly, inefficient. Consider this: a study by Microsoft reveals that our average attention span clocks in at a mere 8 seconds. With this fact in mind, it's evident that conventional learning models may not be delivering the optimal learning experience or outcome. This is why we are keen to introduce our latest learning format, Microlearning.

Dive into this blog post, where we unravel the myriad benefits of Microlearning, an efficient and engaging learning model designed for the digital age. Moreover, we're thrilled to unveil our brand-new Microlearning repository at Camms.College, your ultimate gateway to the world of compact, focused learning.

The Problem with Traditional Learning Models

In the past, learning how to maximise the potential of the Camms solution involved traditional training models that, while thorough, may not always align with the needs of all learners, particularly mature learners and experienced users. These conventional models can often feel rigid, time-consuming, and generic, falling short of addressing the nuanced needs of today’s diverse user base.

One significant issue is time. Traditional training courses for the Camms solution typically involve lengthy, comprehensive sessions. These require substantial time commitments, which can be a challenge to users who are often juggling numerous professional tasks and responsibilities. Next, there’s the challenge of information overload. Traditional Camms training often encompasses a wealth of material, aiming to cover all system functionalities, features, and best practices. However, mature learners and experienced users often have specific areas they wish to explore or problems they want to solve.

These challenges highlight the need for a more flexible, personalised learning model—one that aligns with the varying needs of the modern learner. This model should be time-efficient, targeted, immediately applicable, and cater to different levels of user experience and expertise. Enter Microlearning, a modern learning approach designed to address these exact needs, revolutionising the way users harness the power of Camms solutions.

Introducing Microlearning and Its Benefits

Microlearning revolutionises learning by delivering content in short, focused bursts of under 5 minutes. This innovative approach offers a multitude of benefits, including flexibility, enhanced discoverability, improved retention, and feature-focused learning. With our new Microlearning Video Repository, you gain access to a wide range of concise training videos.

These videos cover specific features and functions, ensuring you can swiftly find the exact information needed to overcome obstacles or refresh your knowledge. No longer will you need to sift through content. Instead, you can now embrace the convenience of bite-sized, easily digestible videos that cater to your immediate needs.

Microlearning is the ideal fit for individuals seeking quick and targeted knowledge, granting the freedom to learn on your own terms, at your own pace, and from any location.

Microlearning can help you in several ways:

  • Learn new skills quickly and easily
  • Find the information you need when you need it
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest Camms products and solutions
  • Improve your productivity and efficiency
  • Advance your career
Unveiling the New Microlearning Feature

The Microlearning video repository is one of the latest additions to Camms.College. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, it allows you to effortlessly access a wide array of short and concise training videos, each focused on specific features and functions within the Camms Solution.

This repository boasts intuitive navigation and sophisticated filtering options, streamlining your search for the precise training content that aligns with your learning goals. To begin, simply choose your preferred Camms solution, then employ the page filters to pinpoint specific topics and subtopics associated with a certain application function. A single click on “search” will yield a selection of videos tailored to your chosen product, topic, and subtopic.

Each video is thoughtfully crafted to be under 5 minutes in length, enabling you to efficiently acquire the necessary knowledge without disrupting your workflow. It’s a perfect blend of efficiency and depth, created to support your ongoing journey with Camms solutions.

How Microlearning Can Help You in Your Everyday Work

Microlearning proves its value in various scenarios within your everyday work with the Camms application.

Scenario 1: Onboarding New Users
Imagine you have a new team member joining your department, who needs to quickly get up to speed with the Camms solution. Instead of sitting through lengthy training sessions, they can use the Microlearning video repository to learn each function step by step at their own pace. This self-directed learning allows new users to familiarise themselves with the system quickly and effectively.

Scenario 2: Problem-solving On-the-go
When you encounter a roadblock or challenge, instead of searching through lengthy courses and tutorials or waiting for assistance, our Microlearning video repository provides targeted solutions. These concise videos offer step-by-step guidance and troubleshooting tips specific to your situation, allowing you to quickly overcome obstacles and continue with your work seamlessly.

Scenario 3: Refresher Training
Microlearning serves as a valuable tool for refreshing your knowledge. Whether you’re an experienced user aiming to enhance your proficiency in specific functions or eager to stay updated with the latest features, our bite-sized Microlearning videos provide a convenient and effective means to reinforce your understanding. These concise videos offer clear demonstrations, explanations, and practical tips that enable you to refine your skills and remain up-to-date in your usage of the Camms application.

Scenario 4: On-demand Reference Tool
Rather than spending time searching through lengthy documentation, you can access concise demonstrations and explanations, ensuring uninterrupted workflow and efficient problem-solving.

Experience the power of Microlearning as your personal tutor, available whenever you need it, and elevate your productivity in your everyday work with the Camms application.

How to Use the New Feature

Getting started with the new Microlearning feature is easy. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to help you make the most of it.

  • Visit Camms.College and log in to your account.
  • Click on the “menu” and navigate to the Microlearning page.
  • Use the filter-based navigation to select the Camms solution you require assistance with.
  • Use the ‘topic’ and ‘subtopic’ filters to locate the training videos that align with your learning goals.
  • Click on a video to start watching and absorb the knowledge in a concise format.

Share Your Feedback and Help Us Shape the Future

In today’s fast-paced world, efficient learning is the key to staying ahead. Microlearning offers a solution that caters to our limited attention spans and time constraints. With Camms.College’s Microlearning video repository, you can unlock your full learning potential and become a Camms expert.

The latest Risk Evolved microlearning is now available. You can also enhance your Camms.Project expertise with microlearning content, covering the latest Camms.Project Transformation updates.

Ready to experience the power of Microlearning? Try out the new feature and share this blog post with your colleagues who can benefit from it.

Don’t forget to watch the Camms.College Monthly Product Walkthrough for a detailed demo of this new feature.

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Harnessing the Power of Microlearning for Quick and Efficient Learning
Dakshitha Gunasekera
Senior Global Product Enablement Manager, Camms
Harnessing the Power of Microlearning for Quick and Efficient Learning
Harnessing the Power of Microlearning for Quick and Efficient Learning
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Harnessing the Power of Microlearning for Quick and Efficient Learning