Making the Most of Your Camms.College Subscription
Manesha Jayasooriya
Global Head of Product Enablement, Camms
5 Mins
Date : February 2, 2021
Last Updated : June 01, 2023

Curious to know what Camms.College is all about? Our inception was formed on the backdrop of COVID-19 on the basis of continuously enabling groundbreaking success for our customers, without interruption. We believe that while investing in the operational and digital ecosystems of a business is of utmost importance, a company is set apart by investing in its biggest asset – its people. Allowing your organisation to obtain this competitive advantage, despite the uncertain times, is what Camms.College is all about.

The Camms software suite helps customers solve real-world problems. Our next-generation customer engagement portal – Camms.College – now presents you with an intuitive and self-service learning experience platform with a range of interactive courses designed to educate users not only on the solution functionality and behaviour of your Camms solution, but also best practice guidelines and conceptual theories.

To say it simply, being a part of Camms.College means you are provided with a wide range of invaluable teaching and learning resources, available to you on-demand and accessible on any device, 24/7. What’s more, all our trainers are experts in their respective fields and are sure to equip you with information that is invaluable to your success.

So what does the Camms.College subscription offer? Through this blog, we will uncover the various services available to you, and reveal pro tips to help to take maximum advantage of them.

Training Courses

As a Camms.College customer, you will have unlimited access to a variety of lecture-style online training courses available to you for self-enrolment. Conducted by Camms experts, these courses are built to help you accelerate the adoption and use of your Camms software solution, and develop conceptual skills to help master industry standards, best practices, and techniques.

The beauty is the freedom to train at your own pace. You can now choose the courses that inspire you based on your expertise and interest, self-enroll to any courses, and learn at a pace that works best for you. You get to decide when, where, and how you learn. In time, you can become a Camms accredited user by completing our certified courses:

Software Solution Courses

These courses are designed to give a general user perspective of the Camms product suite, for a basic understanding of common product functionalities.

Solution Administrator Courses

These courses are tailor-made for Camms software administrative users. Get a basic understanding of how to manage permissions and reporting as an administrator.

Foundation Courses

Our foundational courses are ideal for users seeking a conceptual understanding of risk and strategy management.

Virtual Consulting

Get direct access to a expert panel of Camms Consultants, available to you for both technical and strategic support. Our Consultants are highly skilled in customising the Camms software suite for specific tasks, business requirements, and industries.

We will help you reach your long-term business goals and strategic objectives, while at the same time determining how to make your internal processes more efficient. Need to know about how Camms Consultants can help your organisation or curious about the different types of consultants available to you? Read more in our blog Virtual Consulting: The Key to Turn Your Business Strategy into Reality.

Use your Camms.College Consulting hours and schedule a consultation with any of our subject-matter experts in just a few easy steps.

Reporting Assistance

Reporting is an integral part of any business, whether in the public or private sectors. It is often considered an arduous and time-consuming task laden with errors and inconsistencies. If your reporting cycle involves spreadsheets, outdated templates, manual data entry, and repetitive, time-consuming, or overwhelming processes – the Camms Reporting Consultants are your answer!

Our Report Writing Consultants offer personalised reporting services to help you to prepare, customise and create reports for your organisation. It enables you to get direct support from our expert team of reporting specialists and consultants to produce your reporting and dashboarding outputs. Included as a part of your Camms.College subscription, this service is ideal to make reporting more efficient and less time-consuming.

You can now get exclusive benefits and expert assistance on a number of reporting tasks including;

  • Unlimited access to our library of sample report templates.
  • Assistance with preparing tailored SSRS, Insights, and BI reports.
  • Assistance with setting up brand new reports or modifying existing reports tailored to suit your specific business needs.
  • Personalised training for your staff to build reports in-house.

You will have dedicated virtual reporting assistance, with direct access to our reporting agents during business hours, and they will provide you with speedy reporting outputs.

Update: With the launch of Camms.College 2.0 on 27th May 2023, our Virtual Reporting and the Reporting Hub, have been amalgamated under the Virtual Consulting page for single, streamlined access to expert support. This consolidation ensures a more efficient, comprehensive consulting experience for our users.


Global Event Calendar

Discover a host of live training sessions on the Global Event Calendar, conducted by our very own Camms Consultants who are ready and waiting to answer any queries you may have. As a Camms.College customer, you now have access to over 80 new and topical webinars a year. Let that sink in…80!

Our interactive weekly webinars cover a variety of topics, featuring thoughts, ideas, and advice from Camms subject matter experts, world-renowned guest speakers, our strategic business partners, and even from our customers.

And that’s not all. You also get access to a library of on-demand webinars which you can access at any time, on any device. Join any, or all our online events for an invaluable learning experience brought to you by Camms.College!

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Check out our blogs for the latest insights and information on our solutions, how to optimise Camms products, and how they add value to your organisation as well as yourself! Our blogs will help you navigate through our products while informing you on why, when, and where best to use them. We also dive into contemporary industry topics and share expert tips on getting closer to your organisational goals. Check it out here.

Latest Resources

Update: Camms.College now provides a broader array of learning opportunities. You can discover more about these enhancements in the following articles, or for a more personalised conversation, feel free to connect with us at We’re here to help you enhance your learning experience.

Looking for a personalised approach to learning that is tailored to meet the specific needs of users from your organisation? We’ve got you covered! Browse through our value-added services and schedule a demo with our team to explore how we can support your learning requirements.

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Making the Most of Your Camms.College Subscription
Dakshitha Gunasekera
Senior Global Product Enablement Manager, Camms
Making the Most of Your Camms.College Subscription
Making the Most of Your Camms.College Subscription
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Making the Most of Your Camms.College Subscription