Making the Most of Your Camms.College Subscription
Manesha Jayasooriya
Global Head of Product Enablement, Camms
Reading Time : 5 Mins
Published Date : February 2, 2021
Last Updated : May ,07 2024

Curious to know what Camms.College is all about? Our inception was formed on the backdrop of COVID-19 on the basis of continuously enabling groundbreaking success for our customers, without interruption. We believe that while investing in the operational and digital ecosystems of a business is of utmost importance, a company is set apart by investing in its biggest asset – its people. Allowing your organisation to obtain this competitive advantage, despite the uncertain times, is what Camms.College is all about.

The Camms software suite helps customers solve real-world problems. Our next-generation customer engagement portal – Camms.College – now presents you with an intuitive and self-service learning experience platform with a range of interactive courses designed to educate users not only on the solution functionality and behaviour of your Camms solution, but also best practice guidelines and conceptual theories.

To say it simply, being a part of Camms.College means you are provided with a wide range of invaluable teaching and learning resources, available to you on-demand and accessible on any device, 24/7. What’s more, all our trainers are experts in their respective fields and are sure to equip you with information that is invaluable to your success.

So, what does the Camms.College subscription offer? Through this blog, we will uncover the various services available to you, and reveal pro tips to help to take maximum advantage of them.

Training Courses

As a Camms.College client, gain unlimited access to an array of expert-led, lecture-style online training courses designed for self-registration. These courses, delivered by seasoned Camms professionals, aim to expedite your Camms software adoption and utilisation. They provide comprehensive training to refine your understanding of industry standards, best practices, and techniques.

Enjoy the flexibility of training at your own pace. Select courses that align with your expertise and interests, enroll at your convenience, and learn in a manner that suits you best. You dictate the timing, location, and method of your learning. By completing our certified courses, you can achieve accreditation as a Camms user.

Software Solution Courses

These courses are designed to give a general user perspective of the Camms product suite, for a basic understanding of common product functionalities.

Solution Administrator Courses

These courses are tailor-made for Camms software administrative users. Get a basic understanding of how to manage permissions and reporting as an administrator.

Foundation Courses

Our foundational courses are ideal for users seeking a conceptual understanding of risk and strategy management.

Global Event Calendar

Explore a range of live training sessions on the Global Event Calendar, hosted by subject matter experts ready to address your queries. Our interactive webinars span a variety of topics, offering the latest insights and advice from Camms experts, esteemed guest speakers, strategic partners, and even clients.

A key advantage of these webinars is the opportunity to interact with presenters in real time. You can ask questions, seek clarifications on complex issues, and discuss your specific use cases. This interaction is invaluable for deepening your understanding, addressing real-world challenges, and gaining actionable insights.

Our sessions go beyond learning; they keep you updated on the latest features and functions within the Camms suite. This ensures you remain current with the latest tools and practices, enabling you to effectively apply this knowledge in your daily operations.

You also have access to a comprehensive library of on-demand webinars, available at any time on any device. This flexibility allows you to learn at your pace, revisit subjects, or catch up on missed sessions. Whether you prefer live events or recorded content, our Global Event Calendar provides diverse learning experiences to suit your needs.

Join our online events for a valuable and interactive learning journey with Camms.College, designed to keep you informed, engaged, and ahead in your field.


Microlearning offers a quick and targeted way to learn about specific features of the Camms solution. Each video, lasting less than five minutes, is designed to help mature users of the platform quickly enhance their skills in particular areas of the application. However, users at all levels of proficiency will find these videos beneficial for their roles. Whether you require insights into new user onboarding, quick problem-solving techniques, or a refresher on specific features, microlearning provides an efficient and accessible learning method.

The succinct nature of these videos enables users to quickly understand essential concepts and apply them, boosting their skills and effectiveness. Advanced filtering options allow for easy location of the exact content needed, enhancing the convenience and relevance of the learning experience. This not only aids in better retention of information but also ensures immediate applicability, helping users to swiftly address issues or improve their workflows.

By delivering education in a focused, flexible, and efficient manner, microlearning transforms the learning experience, enabling users to maximise their productivity and derive the greatest benefit from Camms solutions.

Contextual Learning

This in-app feature introduces ‘information icons’ at crucial points in your live environment. By clicking on these icons, users can access brief video tutorials that provide immediate training on specific features or functions of the Camms application. This allows users to learn directly within the platform, eliminating the need to exit the application or seek external training resources.

The feature includes custom screens, video tutorials, technical setups, and strategic in-app guidance, offering targeted support right where it’s needed. Updated regularly, the latest learning guides equip users with the most current knowledge and skills, enhancing both efficiency and effectiveness when using the solution.

We have integrated these learning materials directly into the Camms solution, particularly in areas that have been recently updated. This integration is designed to streamline your learning experience, enabling you to quickly grasp new features while actively using the application.


Visit our blog for the latest insights and updates on our solutions, including tips on optimising Camms products and how they can benefit your organisation and you personally. Our posts guide you through our products, explaining why, when, and how best to use them. We also explore current industry topics and offer expert advice to help you achieve your organisational goals. Explore now.

Camms Community

The Camms Community is a dedicated platform for Camms users, designed to enhance peer-to-peer networking and collaborative problem-solving. It offers a space for users to connect with peers using the same products or from similar industries, enabling them to resolve issues, seek guidance, and exchange best practices. This approach fosters teamwork and supports both new and experienced users.

Additionally, the community provides direct access to Camms experts and seasoned users for further support and learning opportunities. Users can engage in specific product areas to deepen their understanding and gain insights, making it an ideal resource for those seeking help or wishing to share knowledge and stay updated on the latest trends.

The community also includes a private space exclusively for users within your organisation to enhance collaboration, share insights, and facilitate the adoption of Camms solutions. This area improves visibility on how Camms is used within your organisation and promotes effective knowledge sharing.

Whether you’re looking to solve problems collaboratively, share insights, or keep abreast of new developments, the Camms Community is designed to support your business’s growth and innovation.

Personalise Your Learning Journey with Camms.College

Start your learning journey at Camms.College! Our intuitive platform allows you to create a personalised learning pathway that matches your specific needs and goals. Just answer a few quick questions on the homepage, and our tool will curate a selection of courses and resources that align perfectly with your interests.

If you prefer a more guided approach, we’ve got you covered. Click here to request a demo with one of our experts. They will guide you through the platform’s features and recommend the best learning path to help you realise your full potential at Camms.College

Virtual Consulting

Gain access to our expert Camms Consultants for both technical and strategic advice. Our team is skilled in customising the Camms software suite to suit your specific business needs and industry demands. We aim to help you achieve your long-term business goals and improve your internal process efficiency. Interested in learning how Camms Consultants can support your organisation or curious about the types of consultants available? Find out more on our blog, “Virtual Consulting: The Key to Turn Your Business Strategy into Reality.”

Make the most of your Camms.College Consulting hours by scheduling a session with our experts in a few easy steps. Our virtual consulting service now includes reporting services with support for formats like SSRS and Power BI, providing allocated hours for tasks such as report writing. Our dedicated professionals assist with various reporting requirements, enhancing process efficiency.

Resource Centre

The Resource Centre is your central hub for all Camms support needs. Here, you can swiftly raise support tickets, connect with the global Camms Community, and keep track of our evolving product roadmap. Additionally, you’ll find comprehensive support documentation such as user guides, release notes, and FAQs, all designed to deepen your understanding of Camms solutions.

Need assistance? Our Helpdesk team is on hand to resolve your support queries. Within this user-friendly platform, you can explore customisable report templates, submit product feedback, and access a variety of self-help resources. The Resource Centre makes it easy to access the tools and support you need. Get started now and fully leverage what Camms has to offer.

Looking for a custom learning experience that caters to the unique needs of users in your organisation? Look no further! Explore our range of Training Services and book a demo with our team to discover how we can tailor our support to meet your learning needs.

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Making the Most of Your Camms.College Subscription
Dakshitha Gunasekera
Senior Global Product Enablement Manager, Camms
Making the Most of Your Camms.College Subscription
Making the Most of Your Camms.College Subscription
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Making the Most of Your Camms.College Subscription