Camms.College Launches New Website
Manesha Jayasooriya
Global Head of Product Enablement, Camms
Reading Time : 5 Mins
Published Date : May 27, 2023

We’re thrilled to share with you that Camms.College 2.0 is here, and it's better than ever before! As an online learning portal for Camms Products, the updated website offers enhanced features and functionalities aimed at providing a personalised and intuitive learning experience for its users.

With microlearning as one of the key focuses, Camms.College 2.0 enables users to quickly identify relevant learning material, navigate support touchpoints, and find a clear starting point for any learning journey.

The platform caters to the demands of professional users and maximises the potential of Camms products. Whether you’re a long-time user or new to the platform, you’ll benefit from the advanced features that Camms.College 2.0 has to offer.

In this blog post, we dive deeper into the fundamental features and enhanced capabilities of the updated Camms.College 2.0 website and explore how they can help you achieve your learning goals. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your skills and unlock your full learning potential with Camms.College 2.0.

The following key features are designed to enhance the user experience and provide a comprehensive learning journey:

Product-Based Learning Opportunities for Improved Discovery

Discovering product-based learning content has just become that much easier. The platform provides a repository of resources for each Camms solution, including courses, webinars, micro-learning, sample reports, FAQs, and technical product documentation. Within out new ‘product pages’, users can access a variety of resources related to the product they wish to learn more about. The website also features a robust search function for easy navigation across all resources and collateral. Users can now find content relevant to a specific product, enabling focused content discovery.

Personalisation Engine

Camms.College utilises machine learning algorithms to offer personalised content recommendations to users based on their past activity. By logging in to our Learning Experience Platform (LXP) simultaneously while browsing the new website, users will receive customised browsing suggestions tailored to their specific learning goals. Logging in also unlocks private content that is not available to non-logged-in users. This results in a streamlined browsing experience, as logged-in users see custom buttons and experience shorter steps to a learning goal. In contrast, non-logged-in users must fill out forms and wait for our administrators to approve access. Overall, Camms.College’s personalised approach to content discovery makes learning more efficient, engrossing, and effective.

Learning Pathways

Our new Learning Pathway widget allows users to tailor their learning experience, discover relevant content, and build knowledge progressively. The platform will now assist users by suggesting suitable training content based on individual learning needs. A widget on the home page enables users to answer a few basic questions about their learning needs and receive recommendations on which learning resources to enrol into. This is especially useful for new users to Camms.College who don’t know where to start their learning journey.

Advanced Dynamic Search

The website’s new advanced search function offers a keyword-based search that yields accurate results from all support resources, collateral, and documentation. This includes user guides, release notes, FAQs, courses, webinars, microlearning videos, and blogs, among others. Users can now easily access the resources they need with efficiency and speed.

Microlearning Video Repository

The Camms.College website now offers a microlearning video repository tailored to each Camms solution. These short, concise training videos (under 5 minutes) focus on specific features and functions within the application, allowing users to quickly upskill and learn in a targeted manner. The filter-based navigation structure of the repository enables users to easily locate the training videos they require. This new feature empowers users to rapidly absorb the necessary training and continue using the application efficiently. The Microlearning Video repository is specifically designed for advanced Camms users and mature learners seeking to refresh their knowledge and swiftly learn how to utilise specific functions within the application.

Resource Library

The new Resource Center page allows users to easily access various support touchpoints directly from within the website. With just one click, users can raise a ticket, view the product roadmap, request a feature, access FAQs, and so much more. The page also provides access to product documentation, including user guides and release notes.

Amalgamated Consulting

The new Virtual Consulting page merges Virtual Reporting with Virtual Consulting, categorising all Camms experts as ‘Consultants’ for easy access. A new filter enables users to locate a Consultant by specialisation, from report writing to implementation consulting and more. Camms’ consultants are ready to help you meet your needs and align your IT strategy with your business objectives, processes, and culture.

Mark your calendar for Saturday, 27th May as we launch this new experience to all our users! You can always reach out to us at if you have any questions.

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Camms.College Launches New Website
Dakshitha Gunasekera
Senior Global Product Enablement Manager, Camms
Camms.College Launches New Website
Camms.College Launches New Website
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Camms.College Launches New Website