Using the Rollover Function for Integrated Planning
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Date : May 28, 2021
Last Updated : May 28, 2021

Have you ever wondered what the Rollover process within Camms.Strategy entails? Through this blog, we will discover what exactly Rollover is, its purpose, process, and benefits.

Read on to find more!

What is the Purpose of ‘Rollover’?

The Rollover function in Camms.Strategy is typically used when an organisation;

  • Makes significant changes to the structure and content of the strategic plan.
  • Makes significant changes to the organisational structure.
  • Chooses to close out and archive the corporate business/operational action plan for the given period – typically a financial or calendar year.

The Rollover feature offers the following benefits to its user;

  • Strategic and business plan restructuring for the next period can be kept separate from the planning structure and progress reporting in the current period.
  • The ability to create and access archived planning/budgeting periods without impacting the continuity of KPI data.
The Rollover Process

The Rollover is undertaken by the organisation’s Camms.Strategy System Administrator. It is common in the first instance of a Rollover to involve experience from the Camms Customer Support Team.

There are 2 stages in the Rollover process:

Stage 1
This stage is typically initiated during the review phase of the integrated planning process.

It involves the following aspects:

  • Creation of a copy of the data in the ‘Current Period’ and transfer to the ‘Next Period’ which enables the development of new strategic and/or business plans.
  • The current progress monitoring and reporting continues in the ‘Current Period’ for all users.
  • Access to the ‘Next Period’ can be managed by user permissions.
  • The final progress reporting for the existing planning period can be completed prior to Stage 2 of the Rollover.


Stage 2
This stage is undertaken at the end of the ‘Current Period’ once the progress reporting has been completed.

It involves the following aspects:

  • Any updates of carryover Action progress information from the ‘Current Period’ to the ‘Next Period’ can be made.
  • Archives the ‘Current Period’ information which then, in effect, becomes the ‘Previous Period’ while the ‘Next Period’ now becomes the new ‘Current Period’.
  • When Stage 2 is completed, at the next login, Users will be in the new ‘Current Period’.
  • All previous periods can be viewed via the archived period’s menu.

Head over to our webinar on Rollover to learn more about how to best utilise this function within your organisation.

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Using Rollovers in Camms.Strategy
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Using the Rollover Function for Integrated Planning
Keegan Hearn
Associate Product Consultant, Camms
Using the Rollover Function for Integrated Planning
Using the Rollover Function for Integrated Planning
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Using the Rollover Function for Integrated Planning