Camms.Engage UI/UX Revamp
Product Walkthrough
Camms.Engage UI/UX Revamp
Duration: 30 minutes
Camms.Engage UI/UX Revamp
Jack Flynn
Head of Product; Project & Strategy, Camms

Get an in-depth look at our product updates for Camms solutions during our Product Walkthrough webinars.

Camms.Engage will be experiencing a comprehensive update to provide its users with improved speed, sleeker navigation and overall ease of use. A new and improved interface will allow users to effortlessly navigate through dashboards with state-of-the-art drill-down functionality and increased flexibility. With a host of improvements in place for dashboard configurations, you will also be able to log updates quicker and visualise dashboards better.

That’s not all, the sleek look and feel will showcase your data in a more professional and modern manner. Additionally, the project registers in Camms.Engage will now allow you to click on a specific register and see accurate details related to the project including aspects such as financials, progress commentary and more.

To learn more about the interface and technical upgrades currently in the pipeline for Camms.Engage, stay tuned to Camms.College.

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Camms.Engage UI/UX Revamp
Camms.Engage UI/UX Revamp
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Camms.Engage UI/UX Revamp