Reporting and Power BI Spotlight
Panel Discussion
Reporting and Power BI Spotlight
Duration: 30 Minutes
Reporting and Power BI Spotlight
Supuli Attygalle
Business Analyst, Camms
Reporting and Power BI Spotlight
Ujitha Perera
Senior Software Engineer, Camms
Reporting and Power BI Spotlight
Kisholi Mendis
Senior Solutions Consultant, Camms

Organisations are fast shifting from manual reporting to automation, to have more process control and improved efficiency. Discover different types of out-of-the-boxes reports available and see for yourself some practical, best-practice and pre-built reports ready for output within the Camms Reporting Hub. Our latest Power BI dashboards have the capacity to deliver greater flexibility in presenting your data.

Join Kisholi Mendis, Senior Solutions Consultant at Camms, Ravindran Athiththan, Business Analyst at Camms, Supuli Attygalle, Business Analyst at Camms and Ujitha Perera, Senior Software Engineer at Camms, as they discuss how organisations can optimise their own inhouse reporting capabilities. Explore the advantages of utilising virtual reporting, and how it saves valuable time and money. Learn how you can produce effective reporting/dashboarding outputs using a range of tools and technologies.

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Reporting and Power BI Spotlight
Reporting and Power BI Spotlight
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Reporting and Power BI Spotlight