Introduction to KPI’s and Scorecards
Introduction to KPI's and Scorecards
Duration: 60 Minutes
Introduction to KPI’s and Scorecards
Brad Smith
Principal Consultant, Camms

Whether you're interested in community sustainability indicators or individual performance measures, KPIs play a crucial role in assessing organisational success. Discover the different types of KPIs, their benefits, and how to link them to planning, organisation, and custom hierarchy. This webinar is ideal for those seeking to enhance performance measurement and make informed decisions.

Join Brad Smith, Principal Consultant at Camms, for this Masterclass on KPIs and Scorecards in Camms.Strategy. Don't miss this valuable opportunity to learn from a leading expert and unlock the potential of effective performance measurement.

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Introduction to KPI’s and Scorecards
Introduction to KPI’s and Scorecards
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Introduction to KPI’s and Scorecards