Quality Management in a Digital Age
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Quality Management in a Digital Age
Duration: 30 Minutes
Quality Management in a Digital Age
Aaron Mullins
Regional Sales Manager, Camms

With the rapid global shift in the healthcare industry, meeting the requirements of standardisations in Health and Age Care as well as Quality Management has become more important than ever. Join this webinar with Aaron Mullins, Regional Sales Manager at Camms to discover how technology can help detangle some of the critical challenges faced by the industry not only in terms of Governance, Risk, Compliance, and Performance Management but also in meeting external Quality Management principles that reassures the reliability of your organisation’s services.

The session will delve into the elements that make a strong Quality Management system and how organisations can digitise processes to reduce errors and improve patient care. It will also be exploring how Camms supports its customers to implement such systems and methods.

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Quality Management in a Digital Age
Quality Management in a Digital Age
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Quality Management in a Digital Age