The Camms.Connect API Suite
Solution Specialist Course
The Camms.Connect API Suite
Duration: 30 Minutes
The Camms.Connect API Suite
Adam Collins
Chief Executive Officer, Camms

We are excited to bring back our webinar on the Camms.Connect API suite, which drives simpler and more flexible reporting outputs.

In a modern enterprise, different software and systems do not live in isolation. Instead, they communicate and exchange data with each other to efficiently solve business problems.

Camms.Connect provides your organisation with access to our robust business services via standards-based, real-time Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). These APIs provide opportunities for interaction with many critical areas of Camms, including staff, financials, projects, incidents, risks and measures.

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The Camms.Connect API Suite
The Camms.Connect API Suite
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The Camms.Connect API Suite