Camms.Risk Q2 Product Release Update: V4.0 Detailed Features
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Date : July 29, 2021
Last Updated : July 29, 2021

Our Product Walkthrough blogs dive into the latest features and enhancements released for Camms solutions. This blog focuses on Camms.Risk Reimagined, which is its version 4.0, bringing information on all its features and functions.

New Camms.Risk Upgrades You Should Know About


1. Revamped User Interface and Experience

Our newest version of Camms.Risk V4.0, features a completely revamped and modernised user interface designed with simplicity and clarity in mind. Camms.Risk V4.0 delivers a new user experience and refines many aspects of a user’s day-to-day interaction with the solution. It provides clarity on what your users should be doing, where they can go next, and makes it easier to locate items within the user interface.

2. Options to Customise Performance Indicator for Completed Actions

With this feature, you will now have the option to categorise the performance of ‘Completed’ risk treatment actions as ‘On Track’ in green colour or ‘N/A’ in grey colour. By default, the performance tag will display an ‘On Track’ green tag.

3. Enhance Configurability in Review Frequency Settings

The Review Frequency settings will now provide an option for an administrator to consider the actual date of the review or the last review due date, when the Next Review Date has arrived.

4. Introducing a Heatmap within the Risk Assessment Tabs

A heatmap will be displayed along with the Risk Rating in each of the assessment tabs.

5. Ability to Filter Risk Controls Based on the Status

A new filter is introduced for you to filter Risk Controls based on its Active/Inactive status via the Control Register. Additionally, you are able to configure the Control Status as a column in the Register where the status can be viewed against each risk control.

6. New Filters to Control the Visibility of Risk Review Related Risk Action Commentary and Risk Treatment Plan in the Bow-Tie Report

The Bow-Tie report is now enhanced to display the Risk Review and Action Commentary fields and Risk Treatments with the ability to control these new sections via checkbox parameters within the filter page, as well to showcase the ‘% Completed’ of a risk action. Along with this enhancement, we have further improved the layout to provide a clearer visualisation of the content.

7. New Checkbox Filter to Extract the Risks Based on Appetite Rating in Risk Heatmap Report

The newly introduced checkbox titled ‘Show Out of Appetite Risks Only’ will allow you to extract the risks which are in ‘out of appetite’ state into the report.

8. New Checkbox Filter to Show/Hide Risk Rating Scores in the Risk Register

The new checkbox ‘Hide Risk Rating Score’ permits you to show/hide risk rating scores of the below fields within the report. For the default scenario, the scores are visible within the report, and upon ticking the scores will be hidden within the columns.

Camms.Risk | Incident Management​

1. Adding the Incident Code/Title to the Header Area of An Incident Record

This feature introduces a change in the header of an open incident record to display the Incident Code and Incident Title, making it easier for you to follow which incident record is open when navigating the tabs.

2. Enhanced Separation of Incident Types in the Dashboard

With the enhanced separation of incident types, when multiple incident types (e.g. issues, opportunities, inspections) exists, this enhancement ensures that dashboard widgets can be separated into individual incident register tabs, and not display all incidents types in one dashboard.

3. Notifying Users during Email/SMS Delivery Failures

You now have the option to be notified when an Email/SMS is facing a delivery failure. This way, your IT teams can investigate the root cause of the failure and rectify where necessary. This includes the ability to specify the number of retry attempts as well as the duration between retries.

4. Improved Navigation after An Incident Submission

With this improved navigation feature, you will now be redirected to the Register of the created incident type once an Incident Record is closed or submitted.

Camms.Risk | Compliance Management

1. Default Values of New Review Periods and Non-Editable Progress Information of Completed Reviews

The Action Progress Update feature for actions has been enhanced to incorporate the following features:

  • A recurring action’s progress information to auto default as ‘Not Started’, 0% complete, and Comment as ‘Null’ for a newly enabled review period.
  • The editability of the progress information fields to be non-editable within the My Quick Update and Action Details pages, after a review has been completed.

2. Adding the Compliance Code/Title to the Header Area of a Compliance Record
This feature introduces a change in the header of an open compliance record to display the Compliance Code and Compliance Title, making it easier for you to follow which compliance record is open when navigating between the tabs.

Camms.Risk | Audit Management Capability

1. View Details within Email Templates in Audit Administration
For customers using the Flexible Security feature (currently in beta), you can now enable staff to view details within email templates under Audit Administration when they have the ‘View’ permission for an Audit Administration.

2. New Permission for the Internal Audit Sign-Off in An Audit Recommendation
For customers using the Flexible Security feature (currently in beta), we have introduced a new permission for an ‘Internal Audit Sign-Off’ within Audit Recommendations when the flexible permission modification is enabled.

3. New Fields in the Audit Summary and Recommendation Summary Reports
The report is now modified to capture Status and Commentary fields with the goal of ensuring consistency within the Audit Summary Report as well as the Recommendations Summary Report.

Camms.Risk | Survey and Assessments Capability

1. Launching the New Survey and Assessments Capability
Our new Camms.Risk Survey capability enables you to build a range of customisable surveys and questionnaires. These can be mapped to controls and utilised for Risk-Control Self Assessments (RCSAs) or leveraged to assess how well a compliance obligation is being managed, by obtaining feedback from relevant individuals. Read our blog to learn more about this capability.

Well, that’s all for now! You can access our release notes to find in-depth, step-by-step details of the latest updates made to Camms.Risk. Don’t forget to watch our Monthly Product Walkthrough where our Head of Product Strategy, Chathuranga Sumanasekera, takes you through a comprehensive explanation of the upgrade too.

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Camms.Risk Q2 Product Release Update: V4.0 Detailed Features
Chathuranga Sumanasekera
Head of Product Strategy, Camms
Camms.Risk Q2 Product Release Update: V4.0 Detailed Features